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Certainly, the other part of Blogging is Writing. Content is the King over here perhaps Quality is the backbone of it. However, there are few silly mistakes which make you nob and it seems that you haven’t encountered them.


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 You can be a good writer or probably the ideal writer, but you must take care of the grammar mistakes. If your grammar is not up to the level, you will be dumb in-front of the reader of your blog. Because, grammar is what makes your blog interesting for the readers.

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Before entering into the mistakes, you must remember that your language must be simple and catchy. Do not use the typical words. You should not make the reader to check the dictionary often. And importantly, use perfect language. No SMS accent.

7 Mistakes When You Write:

Well, let’s begin! Here are the seven mistakes that we do often once we start writing.

Missing comma:

While unnecessary commas can turn straightforward sentences into twisting labyrinths of syntactical confusion, missing a critical comma can change the entire meaning of your sentence. Missing commas often mean the difference between politely requesting that your friends continue to have a good time (party on, friends) and actually throwing a soiree onyour friends (party on friends).

Run-on sentences:

Many writers neglect to use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, etc.) – making their sentences long and confusing. However, run-on sentences are often a stylistic choice for novelists. Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner both won The Nobel Prize in Literature, yet they are both known for their long, run-on sentences – as is James Joyce.

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Comma splice:

If you try to use a comma to do the work of a semicolon, you’ve created a comma splice. Comma splices may sound vaguely dangerous, but all they are is the misuse of a comma to hold two independent clauses together. Independent clauses are complete thoughts consisting of a subject (at its simplest, a noun) and a predicate (at minimum, a verb). If you want to string two independent clauses together you need either a semicolon or a comma plus a coordinating conjunction.

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Comma misuse:

Two common comma mistakes are as follows:

    • If you are using the comma in place of parenthesis (as you may very well be) make sure to offset the entire phrase with commas. Or should we say: If you are using the comma in place of parenthesis, as you may very well be, make sure to offset the entire phrase with commas.


  • Put a comma before and or but when introducing an independent clause. For example: “I wanted to write the novel, but I ran out of time.”


Definite vs. Indefinite article use:

The is a definite article, and it means you are talking about something specific. A/an are indefinite articles used when you are not talking about something specific. In general, you should introduce something into your writing using an indefinite article – then transition to definite articles in the remainder of the text as readers become familiar with your topic.

Redundant article

When the same articles (a/an and the) could be repeated in the same noun phrase, delete all instances of this article except for the first one. Otherwise, readers may become annoyed by your repetition: “Sam is writing a novel about a car, a cat, a caper.”

Missing article:

Writers: Make sure that people know which [insert noun here] you are talking about. Do you want to write the “Great American Novel” or a “Great American Novel”? Countable singular nouns typically require an article, so you can use the if you’re distinguishing the noun from other things; use a if you’re not.


Continuation in Part 2.

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Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?
Certainly, the other part of Blogging is Writing. Content is the King over here perhaps Quality is the backbone of it. But, Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?

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