Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?

Certainly, the other part of Blogging is Writing. Content is the King over here perhaps Quality is the backbone of it. However, there are few silly mistakes which make you nob and it seems that you haven’t encountered them.

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 You can be a good writer or probably the ideal writer, but you must take care of the grammar mistakes. If your grammar is not up to the level, you will be dumb in-front of the reader of your blog. Because, grammar is what makes your blog interesting for the readers.

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Before entering into the mistakes, you must remember that your language must be simple and catchy. Do not use the typical words. You should not make the reader to check the dictionary often. And importantly, use perfect language. No SMS accent.

7 Mistakes When You Write:

Well, let’s begin! Here are the seven mistakes that we do often once we start writing.

Missing comma:

While unnecessary commas can turn straightforward sentences into twisting labyrinths of syntactical confusion, missing a critical comma can change the entire meaning of your sentence. Missing commas often mean the difference between politely requesting that your friends continue to have a good time (party on, friends) and actually throwing a soiree onyour friends (party on friends).

Run-on sentences:

Many writers neglect to use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, etc.) – making their sentences long and confusing. However, run-on sentences are often a stylistic choice for novelists. Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner both won The Nobel Prize in Literature, yet they are both known for their long, run-on sentences – as is James Joyce.

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Comma splice:

If you try to use a comma to do the work of a semicolon, you’ve created a comma splice. Comma splices may sound vaguely dangerous, but all they are is the misuse of a comma to hold two independent clauses together. Independent clauses are complete thoughts consisting of a subject (at its simplest, a noun) and a predicate (at minimum, a verb). If you want to string two independent clauses together you need either a semicolon or a comma plus a coordinating conjunction.

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Comma misuse:

Two common comma mistakes are as follows:

    • If you are using the comma in place of parenthesis (as you may very well be) make sure to offset the entire phrase with commas. Or should we say: If you are using the comma in place of parenthesis, as you may very well be, make sure to offset the entire phrase with commas.


  • Put a comma before and or but when introducing an independent clause. For example: “I wanted to write the novel, but I ran out of time.”


Definite vs. Indefinite article use:

The is a definite article, and it means you are talking about something specific. A/an are indefinite articles used when you are not talking about something specific. In general, you should introduce something into your writing using an indefinite article – then transition to definite articles in the remainder of the text as readers become familiar with your topic.

Redundant article

When the same articles (a/an and the) could be repeated in the same noun phrase, delete all instances of this article except for the first one. Otherwise, readers may become annoyed by your repetition: “Sam is writing a novel about a car, a cat, a caper.”

Missing article:

Writers: Make sure that people know which [insert noun here] you are talking about. Do you want to write the “Great American Novel” or a “Great American Novel”? Countable singular nouns typically require an article, so you can use the if you’re distinguishing the noun from other things; use a if you’re not.


Continuation in Part 2.

Article Name
Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?
Certainly, the other part of Blogging is Writing. Content is the King over here perhaps Quality is the backbone of it. But, Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?


  1. says

    Thanks for telling us these small mistakes in articles. I will take care of these mistakes in my blog post’s during writing an article.
    Thank you very much

  2. says

    well , the mistakes you posted above often happen during posting but if we check our post before publishing we can correct those mistakes.Anyways it was a nice article .Had fun while reading it

    • says

      Seem so that you found this article useful, Neo Parker. Certainly you right as because re-checking post not only help to encounter the issues/grammatical mistakes. Perhaps thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

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    Very useful and Informative Article. Even Probloggers, Every one will do mistakes when writing. This post will really help to solve this problem.
    Thanks for Sharing :) Have a nice time.

    Abid Omar

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us and too I am glad that you find this article useful….Ya, you are 100% right as because in certain times we do encounter some issues in writing which makes little discomfort to read the article further. Perhaps this article is really helpful for the new as well as the experienced blogger.

  4. says

    I found this post useful some of the other errors that I would like to point out are common use of slang and other redundant words that shouldn’t be included on a professional website/blog. Really nice post, keep more such good posts coming, and the comment section shows the words in Italics, makes for a harrowing experience do change it 😛 😀

    • says

      I am really glad to see you here Aditya Nath Jha, and too because you find this article useful. Although having own voice while writing is essential and effective enough to have a great conversation with the reader (who’s currently reading the article) and too it gives a great experience to the reader too. Oh, thanks for the feedback about the comment section too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us, have a great weekend :)
      – Bishal Biswas

  5. says

    You’ve made several hit points there! Am a victim of many while I was still new in the blogosphere :). It’s always recommendable to make use of all the signs when needed in order to help readers understand what they’re actually reading. Thanks for sharing these bro.

    • says

      Hello Victor Noah,

      I am glad that this article is helpful to you, and yes you are right having appropriate grammars is absolutely essential when it comes about writing to engage the readers with some great experiences. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

      Thanks and have a great weekend.
      – Bishal Biswas

  6. says

    Hi Khaja !
    Firstly , Good One !! You’ve listed some common mistakes that most bloggers make. Punctuation marks regulate the flow of your thoughts, and they can make your text confusing even if the words are clear.
    Well, I think you missed One big thing – It is always ‘your’ not ‘our’ . Most of the bloggers often make this mistake.

    Thanks for this excellent stuff :) Keep writing .

  7. says

    HI Khaja and Bishal,

    There is a lot that goes into writing, and I think you covered up that very well here :)

    Besides the commas and their right placement, the sentence structure, the spellings and proper grammar are things that Google prefers. So, if your writing skills aren’t sharp, just keep practicing till you become perfect.

    Thanks for sharing. Have an nice week ahead :)

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    Lot of errors make a mistake and several mistakes look like a blunder. So we should avoid ignoring slight errors because one day we may become of habitual of committing them.
    All the seven mistakes many writers knowingly or unknowingly do and then come to know after getting poor response on their post.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful info that helps improve the quality of writing.

  9. says

    Hi Khaja
    First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing this topic. I was looking for a simple but effective article on this topic as I often make silly gramatical mistakes in my articles. Yesterday, I went through this article and after reading it, realized that it is worth Commenting and Sharing. Will share this post all over my social networks
    Divyansh Peswani
    Divyansh Peswani recently posted…Increased Bounce Rate? Tactics I used to reduce bounce rate of my blog by 133%My Profile

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    Hi Khaja Rehan Bro,
    How are you dear?
    Ohh really dear these all points are so unique and very useful for newbie’s and with more mistakes you can decrease the repo, traffic, and all things of your blog. I would like to say one thing for those bloggers who are not working in these points properly then they are going in the dark place. So try to remove these mistakes which are explained here by Mr. Khaja Rehan……. 😛

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