Blogging is Stodgy, isn’t it?

By seeing brilliance of other, might have you felt blogging to be  inventiveness – all the time, before you’ve get started with?

Slowly, slowly, due to  peoples you got demotivated and since you’ve thought to kick-off blogging. Or might haven’t you faced, blogging isn’t for you. Or is it that you’ve not been able to triumph of the desires – you had.

Alas, it came to an end. Left, like a desert.The same feeling was ‘d I been felt, when I was quite new to it. But slowly, I’ve been able to control those stupid feelings, that I’d and focus on the blog – rather than those that of the stupid thoughts.


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You asked a question – to a pro, result NO REPLY.

You asked another person, result NO REPLY. You asked another, and got dismayed with NO REPLY.

One of the biggest disadvantage you might face is not getting responses from the professionals in the field you’r or been working on. Might that be the biggest cause for you to get uninspired and have those feeling. Left with Sadness.

Boring it is, blogging

Alas, the truth is sour – Blogging is boring. You might have been demotivated, dismayed, thrown, but with motive of success you’d been able to continue since. You have tried, the best. You have tried, but still – results, were painful. Blogging might have not given to you, what you wanted to. Or it is not the thing, you’ve not getting deal’ed with.

Yet still. 

Blogging to me is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Blogging hasn’t only helped me to gain, what I’m but has helped me and is, to build up my own career. Blogging isn’t just a eight characters word, but shows dynamic eight world. Blogging isn’t just done to make money online, nor even to gain traffic, but to build up own’s status.

Blogging is exceptional, blogging is marvelous, and blogging is and will be – Extra ordinary. And that’s what I can describe about blogging. People do mostly come to blog with motive to earn money, and some more.

But ultimately they led to an ultimate crap for which they’re no more in intention to blog. Nothing, just like a crap they just leave their site as it is. But have they ever thought of, if they could have survive for some more what they could have done. Might not be a millionaire, but even few dollars they could have earned some – at-least.

What is blogging to you? Let me know through comments.

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Blogging is Stodgy, isn't it?
Blogging wasn't as stodgy before, as it's now. But those dodgy people have made it so. People do mostly get demotivated and yet leave blogging - forever.

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  • Paul billygraham Reang

    Hi Bishal,
    Very well said blogging is not just about money or traffic. Blogging is very huge word which covers various things in it. Blogging is never boring once you focus on your interest. But no one can choose blogging as a professional unless they earn some money out of it. Due to which many guys run behind traffic and money. /but Fact is that only when you blog like professional, you will start earning money.
    Best Regards,
    Paul billygraham Reang recently posted…Comment on Get Free Dofollow backlinks from PR9,PR8,PR7 site to your blog. by Paul billygrahamMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Yes, it is.

  • Amit kumar

    I would like to say – This is really a short and sweet article. At first the title of this article is interesting and material placed inside the article are much useful.

    According to me Blogging is not for copycat people, Blogging is for which have their own ideas. Thanks Bro for this awesome article. keep sharing and inspiring :)
    Amit kumar recently posted…How to Root Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 on Android L PreviewMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      My pleasure, thanks for your feedback.

  • Mayank Chawla

    It is true that Blogging is boring, I often felt that while writing posts, but it is also true that blogging leads to a better life, you wouldn’t believe that my English marks is now improved also I am very much engaged to marketing. Thanks for this motivating post bro.
    Mayank Chawla recently posted…BlackBerry Passport Pre-Release Review, Specs, Price In IndiaMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Glad I could help Mayank Chawla, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Arun

    I’m into digital marketing for last 5 years but never get a chance to do blogging. But recently i have started my own blog and loving it.
    Arun recently posted…$10 for Writing Guest Posts for usMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Oh, that’s great. Best of luck for your blogging journey.

  • Pritam Nagrale

    Awesome post! Yes…Indeed. Sometimes! Blogging is boring kind of. Oftenly, I was felt but blogging can improve your knowledge and english too. Now, my knowledge has been increasing due to blogging.
    Thanks for sharing such motivating article.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…At Last I Crossed $5500 this Month in Google AdSenseMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Glad I could help, Pritam Nagrale. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Sanket

    Hey Bishal nice post buddy I had never heard about the word Stodgy so far but after your post came to know about it :) Anyways you are going good best of luck for your future :)
    Sanket recently posted…Keyword Planner Tool – Ultimate Guide to do Keyword Research.My Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks for the warm words :)

  • Abhi

    Though the first few lines are true, saying blogging is painful isn’t correct. I like doing it from the very beginning and I don’t care if I don’t get paid. It is something I like doing, gets my thoughts between people. Anyways, nice article Bishal, will be waiting to listen more from you.

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks for your feedback, keep visiting Abhi.

  • Jane

    It is true that blogging can sometimes bore you. Especially when the overwhelming list of tasks slap you on the face and when you don’t know what to blog about!

    I feel bored sometimes. But then I take a break, and recharge myself. Also in my case, since I have multiple blogs on different niches that helps me to think about a variety of stuff to write about!

    And, patience is a virtue. If “not making money” is your problem, you should work smart and yes, wait patiently :) Thanks for the nice tips!

  • Naveen Rajput

    Very nice and thinkable post for me .I like the views given by author .Feeling very glad on being here

  • Best Ever Videos

    Yes, it is true. Blogging is not just making for money, it is passion for many peoples, many are there who do just for their passion and provide some free services to user and not earning money. Dekh Bhai I started my blog just for passion and I love it!