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Blogging isn’t just writing articles over a boundary, perhaps it about inspiring!

Blogging isn’t about making money but building authority.

Blogging isn’t about being active over a blog, but being attentive in reader’s mind.

Truly said, obviously it’s by me :). Bloggers who blog aren’t just a simply mathematician who actually calculates the happenings and rank, perhaps to say they are all-rounder.

Blogging is a skill and passion to laid an impact. (Impressive? Click Here To Tweet).


Credit Goes To The Respective Peoples.


Influential Bloggers of 2014 – Infographic

Blog to win one’s heart and make it so that their desire comes true. Write to inspire, blog with passion. I’m self-blogger (or to say myself). However, by being 12 years old I can say – I am a Proud Blogger. Being a blogger ain’t just mean to serve readers with articles, but should actually have a desire to teach one who need help.

Perhaps, I am really glad to promulgate few gems of our blogging industry who had contributed since and have a passion to blog. I won’t be saying that other’s aren’t inspiring or so, perhaps I do have kept these bloggers in highlight as because they aren’t just influential but also motivational from whom we can learn and get motivation.



Who’s Your Inspiration?

So, who’s your inspiration and why? Is it:

1. Darren Rowse of

2. Syed Balkhi of

3. Pat Flynn of

4. Harsh Agarwal of

5. Amit Agarwal of

6. Neil Patel of

7. Shradha Sharma of

8. Imran Uddin of

9. Jon Morrow of

10. Ileane Smith of

11. Zac Johnson of

12. Harleena Singh of

13. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of

14. Tony John of

15. Rajesh Namase of

16. Kulwant Nagi of

17. Ankit Singla of

18. Rajesh Dx of

19. Enstine Muki of

20. Adam Connell of

In conclusion, I would really like to Thank You for stopping by, perhaps I am really sorry if I have missed anyone over here. In coarse of time, I would be sitting and preparing some other infographics to engage and inspire you.

Now, it’s your time to  tell us about who and how you got inspired in your blogging journey. For any issues/feedback you can jump towards the comment box below. I would try to respond you as soon as possible.

Peace and Happy Blogging :)

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Influential Bloggers of 2014 - Infographic
Blogging is a skill and passion to laid an impact. Perhaps, these influential bloggers inspire and blog with passion - and they are called Blogging Star.

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  • Rajesh

    Very good collection of respected people :) Happy to be in this list.
    Rajesh recently posted…Trick to Find Admin URL of Any WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  • kartik

    Awsome list,bishal..i hope i would be one of them in future..


  • Enstine Muki

    Perhaps the most beautiful article I have read in a very long time.
    I’m really honored to be lined up with these great inspirational bloggers. Yes! I think Pat is one of my icons on the list. He’s my SEO man. Despite being so busy, he takes the time to answer mails

    Of course, Harlenna is a top figure we see around. I love her determination to help young bloggers. She’s tough in that.

    I won’t keep citing else I will have to do so for everyone on the list. Solid guys and thanks bro for putting it up
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Affiloblueprint Review: Create successful Affiliate Marketing websites!My Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Indeed a great pleasure to meet you Sir Enstine Muki, I am really glad that you liked my work.

  • Ashwin singh

    Awesome infographic Biishal. My inspiration is Amit Agrwal , Imran uddin and harsh agrwal.

  • Shivam

    Nice post seen after a long time keep posting like this thanks ..
    Shivam recently posted…Tips for Newbie Bloggers!My Profile

  • Free Hosting (Rajesh)

    Am not a blogger but every blogger listed here helped me lot… Thank you guys for your support

  • Tharun

    Hi Bishwal,
    That was an impressive infographic. You have created an awesome infographic. Thanks for sharing all blogging stars here. I love to see this infographic again and again.

    All the best blogger were listed above, but few are not. I hope the list in not in order. Any how perfect infographic. Thanks for sharing.
    Tharun recently posted…How to Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook PR 9 Site?My Profile

  • Mukul Bansal

    They are my trues Inspiration… It is always learn from Industry Experts. ShoutMeLoud and Labnol are the blogs which has solutions for every problem and I love visiting those on regular basis. Even Google will fail if we don’t have people such as these mentioned above to provide us with quality content :D
    Mukul Bansal recently posted…Logo Designer Interview: Ifham KhanMy Profile

  • shabarish balaji

    You rite bishal. they are really inspiring

  • Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hey Bishal,

    You made a great infographic of influential bloggers. I’m also a great fan of these top bloggers and personally love to read ENSTINE MUKI’s blog posts.

    Anyway, thanks a ton to listing my name here. It means a lot for me, Bishal.

    Have a great day!
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…Revealing 6 Tips To Increase Your Email CTR on Auto-Pilot!My Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks a lot Ankit Kumar Singla, and I am really glad that you liked my work.

  • Solomon raj

    You did a great job but you have missed some people like Vinay Goud and Jaspal Singh.

    10 tips to work on slow internet connection
    Solomon raj recently posted…How to Browse Faster With Slow Internet ConnectionMy Profile

  • ileane

    Thanks so much for including me on this list among so many wonderful bloggers! You did a fantastic job on the Infographic as well. I’m honored!

    • Bishal Biswas

      It’s really an honor to get such wonderful feedback from you Miss. Ileane Smith, I am really glad that you liked it.

  • Sagar T Rajan

    Hello Bishal

    I love infographic articles, this one is great. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is reason why enter in this blogosphere. Ankit Singla is the man who teaches me blogging by publishing some awesome articles in his blog. All these bloggers are really inspiring! <3 :D
    Sagar T Rajan recently posted…10 Best CyanogenMod Themes For AndroidMy Profile

  • Samir


    I really love this awesome infographics and you must know that all these bloggers are also under my list for inspiration and I’ve learned lot of things from them

    Samir recently posted…Download Free Wyoming Divorce Package For Plaintiff With No Children FormMy Profile

  • Nitin Singh

    Hey Bishal,
    It is very nice infographic, frankly speaking i have taken inspiration from you and Imran Uddin to start my blogging career and i think that both of you will give continous help to me for making my blog good
    Thank you
    Nitin Singh recently posted…Reasons of Failure among Newbie BloggersMy Profile

  • waqas ahmed

    Hey Bishal,
    Very nice infographic, They are my trues Inspiration. They are doing extremely good work in blogging world.
    waqas ahmed recently posted…Essential SEO Terms You Should KnowMy Profile

  • Shiraz Shakeel

    Hey Bishal!
    You have collected and filtered out some of the best, top, great, respectful, honourable, and much more experts!. Just like M. Mustafa From Pakistan, Imran from India and much more ! Thanks for the collection.
    Shiraz Shakeel recently posted…Top Free Social Bookmarking Sites ListMy Profile

  • Arjun

    That’a a good piece of infographics. I’m following certain bloggers which you’ve mentioned on this infographic. They are really inspiring. Although there are several bloggers who are not famous, yet they are hardworking and inspiring the newbies at the same time. :)
    Arjun recently posted…20 Reasons Why Google+ is Unique From FacebookMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks a lot Arjun for sharing your views with us.

  • Nikhil Waghdhare

    Great Infographic, I like #6 #3, both are my fav, Neil is a great guy and SEO expert and Pat is a great aff marketer…….. :)
    Nikhil Waghdhare recently posted…11 Silly Blogging Mistakes That Almost Kill My BlogMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Indeed ALL of them are an inspiration and perhaps doing a great job in their niches. Thanks a lot Nikhil Waghdhare for stopping by and sharing your views.

  • Veer Modi

    Hi Bishal, It’s a nice list of influential bloggers. And I have to say that you have made a fantastic infographic design.. Looking forward for more such impressive work. Have a good day.
    Veer Modi recently posted…MyThemeShop Coupon Code-50% Off Discount Code-Promo CodeMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      I am really glad that you liked it, perhaps thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your views with us.

  • Harleena Singh

    Hi Bishal,

    Awesome list indeed :)

    I think you listed out all the probloggers one would love to connect with, and thanks so much for mentioning me in it too – much appreciated and a real honor to find a place on such a list.

    It wouldn’t be right to just mention a few of them because each one is a master in his or her own sphere and niche, and we learn so much from each other, don’t we? They are ALL inspirational indeed :)

    Thanks once again for this kind gesture. Have a nice day ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Increase Website Speed and Make Your Blog Load FasterMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks a lot Harleena Mam, it’s indeed a great pleasure to get such a honorable feedback. I am really glad that you liked my work. I hope and will, that I would present these kind of inspirations very frequently.

  • Ravi Kumar

    Hi vishal. It’s a great infographic. I personally follow 15 bloggers who are in your list. All are greats so it’s really difficult to decide who is the favourite one.
    Ravi Kumar recently posted…How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress for Free?My Profile

  • Kulwant

    Hi Bishal,

    Thanks for giving me this honor and adding me in the list of awesome fellow bloggers.

    Feeling very happy to see that most of them are from India.

    Keep putting your efforts to be in this list very soon. :)

    Best wishes.
    Kulwant recently posted…Getting to Know the Google [Infographics]My Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      I am really glad Sir. Kulwant Nagi to hear such appreciating words. Thanks a lot for the motivation.

  • Jana Raj

    Hey Bishal, My Inspiration is Amit Agarwal , Harsh Agarwal & Imran . They are really inspiring . You Can Also Write a Post of Upcoming famous Bloggers .

  • Isaiah Joe

    Nice lineup Bishal, and i must say this post is worth going viral, and the bloggers you mentioned above are all great! Starting with Darren, Pat flynn, Ankit, Enstine and Neil Patel, they’re all great. Nice work.
    Isaiah Joe recently posted…How to Automatically Create Blog Post Titles That SellsMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      I’m floating on air to have such worthy comment, Isaiah Joe. Thanks a lot.

  • Gaurav @ Extreme Info Technology

    Great Job Dude, I Cant Believe that a blog like your is hosted at our servers. it is a great opportunity. :)

    • Bishal Biswas

      Wow, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for such appreciation.

  • Abid Omar

    Hi Bishal,

    Wonderful Infographics Bro. Happy to see my favourite bloggers Here. Wish you all the Best :)
    Abid Omar recently posted…WebMeUp Review – A Kickass Online SEO Tool for Internet MarketersMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      I’m really glad that you found this infographic useful and worthy to share Abid, thanks a lot.

  • Deepak Singh

    Hey Bishal,
    Fantastic Infographic buddy!! Harsh Agarwal,Imran and Amit Agarwal are my inspiration from the above list.

    Have a good day !!
    Deepak Singh recently posted…How To Boost WordPress By Using Best W3 Total Cache SettingsMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks a lot Deepak Singh for writing such wonderful words, keep visiting for more.

  • Nirmala

    You’ve done a very good job Bishal :)

    Yeah true, these are inspiring bloggers in the blogosphere and they motivates other bloggers to blog with passion.

    Good to see the name of Ankit, Nagi, Adam, Imran and Enstine sir here, they are my all time favorite bloggers who always encourages me with their blog posts.

    My best wishes for your blogging Bishal, keep blogging :)
    Nirmala recently posted…Cool Tech Gadgets For Students To Enhance Their EducationMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks a lot Nirmala Mam for such motivational and inspiring feedback. I am really, really glad to know that you found this useful and worthy.

  • Ravi Chahar

    Hi Biswas,

    I have met talked to many of these bloggers at their blog. When it comes to inspiration I usually visit these blogs. Harleena is the leading blogger of today’s era of blogging. There are many other bloggers like Ileane and else which have achieved their goal in the field of blogging. All these successful bloggers need to get respect from every person in blogoshere.

    Thanks for inspiring me.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Simple Traffic Generation Techniques : Drive Traffic To Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      I’m really, really glad to know that you found this article + infographic useful. Keep visiting for more exciting stuffs.

  • Pritam Nagrale

    Very impressive list. Amit Agarwal is my favorite blogger. I read the SEO tips provided by Neil Patel.
    If someone wants to start a career in blogging and wants to make money from this then he/she must follow these blogs specially shoutmeloud to get the success in blogging.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…30 Hottest Careers in Online JobsMy Profile

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks Pritam, for your wonderful share. I am really glad to know that you found this infographic useful and perhaps I do too follow these bloggers and within coarse of time their strategies been really helpful to me.

      Perhaps, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Have a great weekend.
      – Bishal Biswas

  • Gilbert Samuel

    Awesome list and nice infographic here mate. Most of the bloggers mentioned are close friend and majority of them taught me most of the strategies I know today.
    Keep up the good work buddy

  • Nirmal Anandh

    Hi Bishal,

    Awesome infographics. No chance at all. Evergreen bloggers in a roof of viralblogtips. All the bloggers listed here are my favorites. Darren Rowse, Amit Agarwal, Ammar Ali are my inspiration. Anyway thanks for sharing this useful info. Keep on posting like this.
    Nirmal Anandh recently posted…Work abroad through Working Holiday VisasMy Profile

  • Uttoran Sen

    This is a very good list – great to see some of my friends listed here as well.

    With time, new influential bloggers comes along, herleena, Enstine, Syed, Kulwant and many others were not around when Problogger was started – but now there are many more bloggers who have an equally good reputation among bloggers,

    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran Sen recently posted…Hey Everyone! Uttoran Sen is back on his Blog!My Profile

  • Sravan

    Nice list – Got to know top bloggers list you follow :)
    Sravan recently posted…Prototype emotion detector targets road rage and driver fatigueMy Profile

  • kaviyarasu

    Awesome infographics. Hope a nice blog.

  • Rajkumar

    They are also the inspirational bloggers of 2014
    Rajkumar recently posted…How to Create an New Account On Irctc & Book TicketsMy Profile

  • Yashraj Kakkad

    Hi there!

    Its been a great list. I got some names of popular bloggers. I would surely try to keep up with their updates!

    Each one of them is influential. However, I would say that Harsh Agarwal has been better in my case…

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!
    Yashraj Kakkad recently posted…GPT Websites: Make Money Online Without Possessing a SkillMy Profile

  • Ahmad naeem

    Nice article on Professional Bloggers.I really like it,enjoyed and inspire
    Ahmad naeem recently posted…How install WordPress Plugin? (Beginners Guide)My Profile

  • Manohar Tn

    My Blogger inspiration is Amit aggarwal, Imran Uddin, Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel For Seo…
    Manohar Tn recently posted…Addmefast alternatives (Social Media Exchange Sites)My Profile

  • sivani

    hi Bishal,Amazing Infographic information. This article is inspiring for all bloggers especially the newbies. Many of the bloggers in the list are my favorite,i following them for the long time especially harsh, amit, darren amd many. Thank you for sharing this post!!!

  • Babshaybell

    Great list here! Wish to be here very soon.. Like next week.. LOL! Nice infographics :D

  • Shubham Khatwani

    Hey Bishal, Great list of Blogger and awesome design of Infographic. Many Bloggers in the list are not know to me. But now I will surely Follow them also.

    • Bishal Biswas

      Glad, that you liked it. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Rahul suresh

    Its great to attach these bloggers website along with their name sounds good to track them easily… :)

    Thank yew…


    Indeed a very inspiring list.
    Talking about your blog, its very interesting to read you post, the thing i like about your blog is just pure content no blah blah kind of stuff.
    Wishing you a happy blogging journey ahead.

  • ranjith yaana

    really inspiring..My main inspiration behind blogging is Amit Agarwal,Harsh Agarwal and Imran.They made be to choose blogging as my career.After starting my blogging career NIEL PATEL is the one who inspired me and boost my confidence levels.

  • Avnish Gautam

    I always try to learn something from these influential bloggers and apply important things on my blog – My wp tips