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Welcome to our Weekly Inspiration, and I’m really gracious to introduce my guest, Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard.

If you’re been blogging since a while, you must have been familiarized with this name, isn’t it?

Designed by Bishal Biswas

He, with his inspiration skills, inspired hundred of thousand entrepreneurs and bloggers around the world.

And it’s an honor having him over here.

Let’s gear-up, and move towards the interview. Fasten your sits, and get ready for an inspirational ride!

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Interview with Adam Connell of

It’s my pleasure having you here, Adam Connell, although there’s no such requirement for you but as mandatory, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Adam Says- Thanks for the invite, Bishal. It’s great to be here.

I’m the founder of Blogging Wizard and in the past I’ve managed a variety of blogs. Before working on my business full time I was the Operations Manager for a content marketing agency in the UK which I helped build from the ground up.

Blogging Wizard, undoubtedly is one of the most prestigious blog, how the idea came into your mind and how you’ve get started with it?

Adam Says- Thanks for the kind words.
The name for the site came to me at 2am one morning in 2011, I bought the domain and didn’t do anything with it for a long time.

Then in December 2012 I launched with the aim of sharing everything that I was learning while running a marketing agency.

The vision I have for Blogging Wizard is a lot different now.

My aim is to simplify blogging for everyone and teach bloggers how they can start getting more traffic and email subscribers while building a great community.

What complications you’ve faced while you were novice to blogging, and how you’ve tackled the situation?

Adam Says- The main one was the technical element.

When I started off, I didn’t have a clue – I built an entire website for a record label using mostly guess work.

But, I kept on trying new things and most importantly learning.

The other challenge I faced was a more personal one.

I am a perfectionist by nature, I obsess over minor details and the unfortunate reality is that this perfectionism thing is a double edged sword.

On one hand it can be VERY helpful, but on the other hand it can actually hold my back.

But, with practice I learned to narrow my focus and direct it in a way that actually helped me write better content.



What are the things you’d opt for in case your client said you to audit their site?

Adam Says- There are a lot of things that I’d look at (for example, technical SEO) and while my background is in SEO, there’s something that is far more important.
The truth is that if a website isn’t converting then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you throw at it – you are losing out big time.
Why people should opt for lists (email subscribers), what are the benefits from it and how one would increase their traffic through it?

Building an email list is one of the most profitable things you can do as a blogger (providing you have a strategy for leveraging that list in place, i.e. a sales funnel).

Adam Says- Not only that, but it’s one of the best ways to get people to keep coming back to your content.

When someone signs up to your list, they are giving you permission to email them – this puts you in the driving seat but you’ve got to respect them.

You could treat your email list more as a marketing list and blast out offers all the time, but this just means you will have a high churn rate.

Also, it’s far more reliable than getting people to subscribe to an RSS feed or like your Facebook page.

First you need to focus your efforts on growing your email list.

So, putting opt-in forms in key locations, putting together an exclusive piece of content for subscribers to download and using various other tactics work very well.

If you want to get more traffic, keep the following in mind:

  1. Add as much value as possible for subscribers, make it worth their while to stay subscribed to your list
  2. Only email them when you have something worth while
  3. Keep your emails as relevant as possible
  4. Take time to craft an engaging subject line

Follow up the engaging subject line with an engaging email that highlights the benefits of clicking through and actually reading your content.

Suppose “A” is ranking on a keyword “a demo keyword” at the First Position, without breadcrumbs enabled. So, “A” started researching about breadcrumbs and found it to be helpful as because it makes navigation clean both in website and search engine. So would it be harmful for his site rank (on which “A” was ranking) after making changes? You’re Views.

Adam Says- It depends.

There are various types of breadcrumbs and I do suspect that if you used them for the purpose of adding internal anchor text, you may take a hit in Google from that.

There are also possible duplicate content issues to consider with particular types of breadcrumbs.

However, there is the possibility that some breadcrumbs may be displayed in search results.

When done right, breadcrumbs can be a great way of showing search engines how your site is structured while improving usability.

According to you, what might be the cause of removing Author Pic from Google?

Adam Says- Immediately some would say to improve AdWords clicks, but I’m not so sure, since they could choose to just not display author photos for commercial terms.

The reality is that John Mueller hasn’t really given us enough information to actually figure this out, there are a number of possibilities.

Might be it the most awaiting question, how you make money online?

Adam Says- The two key methods I use are affiliate marketing and offering services.

But, I rarely offer services any more.

In the future I’ll be moving into working on my own products.

How can one make an Effective Strategy for his blog’s growth, tell us 5 things to keep in mind while creating a plan.

Adam Says- There are a lot of options but you need a solid foundation:

Make sure you’ve picked the right niche – so many bloggers plan to grow their blogs and then give up because they’ve lost interest a few months later. If you’re not sure, think about not only what you’re passionate about but what you can make money at.

Understand your audience – write out audience personas and truly understand what challenges your audience faces and work on solving them.

Have clear goals – think about what you’re trying to achieve. Break them down into primary and secondary goals.

Create a content plan that your audience will love – find out what is working in your niche, look at what your competitors are ranking for and what content is performing best for them.

Identify key influencers in your niche – influencers have an established audience that you can leverage. I created an exclusive guide for my subscribers which shows how, get it here.

I’ve seen many blog, including yours, to have a landing page. Why do you think it to be helpful?

Adam Says- When you have a single page with a single goal you can get way better conversions than you would do on a regular page on your blog.

When you eliminate distractions, you increase conversions.

You can then link to these landing pages in your author bio if you contribute to other blogs – this works VERY well.
How you’ve been able to build trust and engage your audiences?


Adam Says- I started off writing for websites with much bigger blogs.

This includes:

  • Pro Blogger
  • KISSmetrics
  • Boost Blog Traffic
  • Crazy Egg
  • Famous Bloggers
  • Tweak Your Biz

I followed this up by landing some opportunities to contribute to articles on the likes of Huffington Post and
All of these sites have an engaged audience that trusts what their authors say.

So by contributing, I’ve expanded my own audience and leveraged the trust that these sites have built up.

I also continue to publish extremely detailed posts with actionable advice which has helped me to get my content shared by key influencers in my niche.

And when the top people in your niche are talking about you, trust and engagement comes easier.

Here are some recent examples:

The takeaway here is to always give your best.

Whether you’re writing for your own blog or someone else’s – always go the extra mile.

In addition, there are some things you can do in the writing process to ensure your content is more engaging:

  1. Your headline will make or break the success of your content
  2. Use your sub-headings to tell their own story
  3. Ensure the ideas behind your posts are easy to understand
  4. Keep your posts relevant to your audience
  5. Use eye-catching visuals
  6. Make sure every post has a strong opening
  7. Add a question to the end of your post to encourage readers to comment (ask them to comment in the email you send to your email list too)
  8. Make your advice easy to digest
  9. Don’t assume anything
  10. Break up your content with images, quotes, bullet points and more
  11. Write shorter, snappier sentences
  12. Tell us little about your offline life, any extracurricular activities you do?
  13. I’m a workaholic and love what I do so much that I don’t do much else.

In the downtime that I do have, it usually involves video games or music.

Well, thanks for being with us over here. Would you like to tell few words to our readers?

Adam Says- My pleasure, Bishal – I appreciate the invite!

I’ll leave you with this:

As bloggers, it’s easy for us to be completely focused on a goal that is years in the future.

And forget that about the here and now.

Remember that the journey is just as important as the destination and when you truly enjoy every minute of that journey you will automatically (as if by magic) gravitate towards success.

When you do that, you will unlock your true potential.

Thanks to Bishal and you all for reading and I look forward to connecting with you over on Blogging Wizard.


So, what’s your view about this interview? Have you been able to unlock your true potential? 

Let’s hear your voice through comments :)

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    I was expecting a nice interview article today on Viralblogtips and you full-filed the expectation. After reading this article, without any confusion I can say that this is a much inspiring interview post.

    I am familiar with the writing skills and knowledge of Adam connell but from here i learnt a lot of things. I read also the three example of Bloggingwizard mentioned in this article, each and every information seems much precious.

    Thanks Bishal for sharing this mind-blowing interview article with us.
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    Great interview Bishal.
    Though I haven’t been following Adam Connell a lot, I have been to his blog a few times. He does write awesome posts on his blog and no wonder I can read his posts on CopyBlogger as well. You did a great job bringing him on your blog via this interview!

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    Hello Bishal !!
    I consider it as humility to see top bloggers like Adams share their opinion and strategies with the rest of the bloggers out there. As in making out time in their over busy schedule to answer very delicate questions and to be interview.. it is a great honour.. Thanks Adams for your time, I have learnt a lot..

    Regards To Everyone,
    DOK Simon.

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