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Pradeep Kumar

Photography Credit: Pradeep Kumar, Designed by Bishal Biswas

And today, we’ve someone,who’s inspiring thousands through his blog.

He kicked-off the hell to bound the bloggers together, through his blog network. He’s an atheist. A day dreamer,  who founded numerous blog.

And he’s non other than Pradeep Kumar.


Let’s not wait further, fasten your sit and get ready for an inspirational ride with me, Bishal Biswas, your host and Pradeep Kumar. 


Interview with Pradeep Kumar


1. Although there’s no requirement of your introduction but as mandatory, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?


Pradeep Kumar: Hi guys! My name is Pradeep Kumar, I’m a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Movie Freak, Atheist and a Proud Indian. I have been passionately blogging for the past 8 years and I’m running a blog network called “Slashsquare”, it is also a web consulting media. I started HellBound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater, MoviesDrop and DeviceBAR to cover the topics I love the most.

In a nutshell, I’m a simple fun loving guy.

2. Undoubtedly, HellBound Bloggers is one of the renowned technology blog, may our readers know when and how you’ve got started with it. What challenges you’ve faced in the first few months and how you tackled that situation.


Pradeep Kumar: When I started HellBound Bloggers (HBB), honestly I didn’t have any worries, you know why? Because I started it without knowing the fact that I can make money out of it. I just blogged about random facts and I did this for few months. Then I realized Blogging is a powerful tool and I should follow some ethics to maintain it properly.  I started HBB around 2008 (or 2009, it varies for some reasons) on Google’s very own Blogger platform. Then I decided that I should have a domain name to make it look good, so I registered on January 29th, 2009. Then from Blogger I migrated to, rest is history.

I didn’t face any specific challenges because I didn’t really have any competitors or Google algos to affect me. My only goal was to get a single comment on my blog post or even a single feedback about my blog post. I didn’t get any of them for a while. Then I realized this is how it works for the time being.

3. Although by being super-busy, how you are able to maintain you blog’s posting frequency i.e. a post a day.


Pradeep Kumar: Slashsquare blog network has no standard posting frequency, we are working on that as of now, but we always plan to publish trending posts ASAP.  Also we got some awesome guest authors, thanks to them!

4. I’ve been asked by some fellows, which methods are proven to work, in Driving USA Based Audiences to a blog, but wouldn’t it be quite amazing to hear from you?


Pradeep Kumar: Actually one shouldn’t really worry about this unless if his/her business is actually based in USA. First you can configure Google Webmaster Tools to specific your blog’s geographic location.

Then use Social Media to drive targeted audience to your site, you can invest few bucks and have this work perfectly for you. If you are really seriously into this, then register .us domain name and start an exclusive site for USA visits alone. That way you can drive more visits and increase reputation.

5. Any tactical formula that you’d like to share with our readers in order to gain rank in search engine, other than building huge inbound link?


Pradeep Kumar: I don’t really have any formula, but understanding your competitors will easily help you to increase your site’s rank. Take “iPhone 5S tips” for example, I’m pretty sure there would be thousands of sites ranking for this keyword, your first step is to analyze all those sites and see their SEO strategy.

Now make a list of your findings and compare that with yours. See where it lacks and fix it. It’ll take months to master SEO but if you are lucky, you can make it quick.

6. As I’ve already asked in the preceding question which is regarding posting frequency, would you like to tell what strategy you’ve and is using in order to kick-off writer’s block?


Pradeep Kumar: I don’t actually believe in Writer’s block because you don’t even need to think for what you should write, if you go to Google Trends, you can find so much of trending topics related to your niche. Pick any of them and write a blog post on it. Or you can think deeply or ask your blog readers about your next blog post.

I know it’s hard to think and write everyday, but you can take regular breaks and work on it.

7. Other than blogging, is there any extracurricular activity that you opt for?


Pradeep Kumar: Photography! I love it a lot, that’s the main reason why I started “Photovity”, I want to make it live soon to experiment with various tricks.

8. Last, but not the least – How you’re making money online. I believe, readers are eager to know about it since the beginning.


Pradeep Kumar: I used to make $$$$ from sponsored posts but unfortunately Google hates it badly, so we moved on to Affiliate Marketing and some consulting services. We are working on other monetization methods so hopefully within this year we’ll be able to see the fruits.

9. It’s my honor to get you over here; perhaps wouldn’t you love to share few words with our readers that might help them to blog better?


Pradeep Kumar: Blogging is really a wonderful tool to learn and earn but it is more like an email address these days, almost everyone owns one. So you need to make yours unique to stand different amongst all those blogs. Pick a unique name, unique logo, and unique content style to make it big.


Wasn’t it inspiring? Write your views through comment :)

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