Is Alexa Part of SEO? Answer is here!

After the Google Panda 4.0 Update, there has been a scarce. People, due to penalty were loosing their interest in blogging or so. That’s why, I’ve an idea of reveling some – Alexa Ranking Secret, that I’ve found in coarse of time which helped me to rank 31,000 in just 56 days.

Alexa, is a ranking scale which is traditionally believed that it calculates the average 3 month traffic of a particular site, and accordingly it rank a website. As per to Alexa, it is a web information company, of Amazon – leading online retailer.

On basis of million of sites, it gets updated daily. The lower the rank, the better it is. There’s a common believe in bloggers that Alexa helps to rank higher. But, on basis of my experiments, I’ve found not so.

Designed by Bishal Biswas

Alexa plays a major role in getting advertisers as because, advertisers usually determine a popularity of website through it. So, according to me it’s important to keep in majority.

Is Alexa part of SEO?

So, before I start with the article. I’d rather prefer demonstration you at the beginning itself, “Is Alexa Part of SEO“? Simple answer – NO. Why? as because:

  1. It is not niche specific.
  2. It’s not based on the total visits, rather – How many people visiting with Alexa Toolbar Installed.
  3. It doesn’t differentiate between you and the visitor who is visiting the site.
  4. It’s data is inaccurate, and only based on total no. of visitor with alexa toolbar installed.

Unlike being free, it provide uncut edge free advice, which we can take in consideration. Like –

  1. Alexa helps you determining the popular keyword that is been searched.
  2. It helps you to measure the up-stream visits i.e. from where the visitors coming from.
  3. It helps you to find the related sites i.e. your competitors in SERP.
  4. It helps you to find the real audiences through Audience Demographics.

But, as I’ve already said – It’s inaccurate.

Is Alexa a Rocket Science?

People do usually ask me through mails, comments – how I rank all my sites so quickly? Well, let me tell you – Alexa isn’t a rocket science, and you don’t require to go on repent for your ranking. The only key to success is – Solid Foundation of Great Articles.

For instance, Let’s take an example, suppose you’r having 1000 quality articles in your site and each of them get 1 visitors a day. Yes, I mean it. Then perhaps, you’d actually get 1000 visitors easily. Isn’t it? And on further effective promotion, you may receive even 10x traffic than that of usual. The simple fact is – Don’t care of Alexa, simply go on blog. Serve your readers, the best.

Write, keep writing, and go on writing – that’s the way to succeed.

When Does Alexa Matter?

Although, those that of the inaccurate details – it’s important.

  1. Advertisers take in consideration to examine the potential of your site. Being the most popular and widely use metrics, Alexa ranking impacts a website’s trust and attract more advertisers. The lower your rank, the better it is. However, if you’r not willing to sell ads space in your site, then it doesn’t matter.
  2. In case if you want to sell your site, then Alexa plays a major role in getting high no. of bids. However, if you’r doing a business for passive income then Alexa is important for you, yet Google Analytics and Adsense are the  2 thing that is been taken as because the higher the visitors and earning, the better amount it can be sold in.
  3. Site’s authority and trust, the main thing. And in case if you’r having a good Alexa Rank, then you might be now floating in air as because  it’s helping you to gain more trust. Now-a-days, people are calculating ranking through Alexa so it’s important. And to be frank, who don’t like to show-off, isn’t it?

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

1. Write Quality Articles: Whether it is SEO, Blogging, Making Money Online, or even Alexa – Writing quality articles is important, I mean very important. Solid Foundation, as I’ve said is essential if you want to rank higher in Alexa and even Google.

The higher you rank, the higher traffic you get, the higher traffic you get, the higher you rank. So, there’s a circle of everything which starts only through articles. Don’t worry, writing quality articles isn’t a big deal. Just not for my sake, nor even yours – write articles only for your readers. Not to impress Google or Alexa either. Whatever you write, write from your heart.

A quality article is one which inspires other, it’s something that motivate others, it’s something that make a person feel happy from their desire. And it’s an article, which build your authority.

2. Never Copy Others: An old school fact, which is yet young and useful. Remember, it’s no more 1999, where marketers spin articles and directly hit to the top of Google, unlike now due to Panda 4.0 and other algorithms like Hummingbird, it’s a nightmare for those who’r practicing such techniques.

In one word, it’s something that would directly help you to get your site kicked-off from search engine i.e. Google. So better not to opt for such unethical strategies to rank a website higher in Google or anywhere. Be genuine, write for your readers.

3. Social Media Signals: If you’r aware of SEO, then you might have noticed that Social Media plays an important role in it. Not might be directly, but indirectly – Yes. Whenever you are promoting an article – which is great and valuable – then an other person will notice it, after that if he/she finds that article to be good enough, then that person will share it to his/her circle. Like that a reciprocal will form, leading to higher expose and traffic which would help you to rank easily.

Usually, I’m much concentrating in Google+, along with Twitter as because (an inside secret), Google+ is Google’s very own social networking site through which it collect information and rank accordingly like Google Authorship which helps you improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) tremendously.

Also Matt Cutts, the Spam Team Head of Google, announced that Google too fetches information from Twitter in determining a website’s popularity through the number of tweets a page have. Also, you may opt for Facebook which is undoubtedly great, but unfortunately there’s no relationship between Google and Facebook in SEO. However in order to have a significant growth in traffic, you may promote your articles in Facebook Groups, etc.

In conclusion I’d say….

Don’t be depended upon anyone in order to rank, nor even Alexa. You’r the one to make your own destiny and you’ve the full right to choose your path. Just to revise, I’d say once again – Always blog for your readers, write quality articles, join social media in order to have significant growth in traffic, never copy others, and last but not the least – Forget about those old myth about Alexa! 

Have I missed any important point? Surely, I’ve. Let me know what is it – from you. Comment below :)

Article Name
Is Alexa Part of SEO? Answer is here!
There's a common believe in bloggers that Alexa Widget helps to rank higher. But, on basis of my experiments, I've found not so. Yes, I mean it.


  1. says

    Really Great Post.
    Kindly its my request to tell me how to drive traffic from Reddit? Which Niche is required and other requirements as I have seen many people who driving millions of traffic not from Search Engines but from reddit and they are having 1000+ online right now visitors? – Urgent… Waiting for a quick reply.
    Shiraz Shakeel recently posted…Top 50 Web 2.0 Sites List of 2014 FreeMy Profile

    • says

      Till yet, I’ve not tried Reddit, but will surely. I’ll let you know when I do have run a campaign of it and a case study will be published related to Reddit. Stay tuned.

  2. says

    Hi Bishal,

    I love the approach you give to Alexa ranking strategy. The strategies focus on building quality traffic. There isn’t anyway we can talk of quality traffic without mentioning quality content.

    I’ve been hammering the importance of quality content is many of my post. And it is, in fact my first SEO strategy. All other things follow. Like content promotion as you rightly said when you mentioned social media.

    There is virtually no ranking or SEO metrics we can talk about without CONTENT, I mean quality ones. That is why it isn’t left out on my blog post on how to increase Alexa ranking.

    Thanks for sharing
    aceclue recently posted…How To Increase Alexa Rank QuicklyMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Bishal. I agree with you 100%! Yes, the latest Panda roll-out has proven that, although we like to see low numbers in our Alexa rank, our rank has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not our websites earn that coveted Google Page Rank.

    Google and Alexa are two entirely different entities. One having nothing to do with the other. I guess one could say that Alexa has positioned itself in the marketing ranking factor so well, that marketers have grown to really trust those Alexa numbers. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many marketers out there who wear both SEO and Marketing hats, like you and I do; and lack the understanding that it doesn’t matter how highly trafficked Alexa “thinks” your site is, it still doesn’t mean your website can be found on a search.

    It is quite easy to get a low Alexa ranking number. Just add a few scripts here and there, Add the Alexa toolbar, perhaps tap in to some black-hat SEO, and boom. You’ve accomplished a great Alexa rank! But really, the question remains… what difference does it make if your website can’t be found.

    I think that if webmasters adhere to Google guidelines, and really pay attention and read between the lines to what Matt Cutts posts, one’s website should do well in the PR factor, regardless if one’s website has an Alexa rank of a million, or a thousand. Now the key is, we need to get marketers educated!

    Great article Bishal! Looking forward to your response.

    • says

      Ha ha ha, I just loved the way you say “Add the Alexa toolbar, perhaps tap in to some black-hat SEO, and boom.” yet jokes apart. It’s quite frustrating to have a glance at the traffic drop – due to unethical techniques used.

      Perhaps, It make a huge difference to those who are ethically blogging and scoring higher and higher in search engine. I believe, Alexa to be an important part. But not to be always depended upon it – Just a recommendation. Unlike Alexa proves to be a great analysis and tracking site which keeps measure of a site which help a lot to attract new clients.

      I’m glad, that I could help. Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your views over here.
      – Bishal Biswas

  4. says

    I would not say Alexa plays any part in SEO, only it is a usefull tool to see how you are comparing up to your competitors. I rarely use alexa to check my score as I am well aware that it is inacurrate.

    I have sites with 30+ thousand hits a month ranking lower than sites with only 15 thousand.

    Nice article BTW, good job. Need a job? 😉

    • says

      I believe, Alexa isn’t analyzing site’s traffic in order to rank. However, it’s better no be depended upon it and move on.

      Glad, I could help. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. says

    Hi Bishal,

    I enjoyed the post. I have to say this is one I never really looked into. I figure if Alexa played a part in SEO that it was a pretty small one. It seems that when Google decides to use third parties for metrics that it doesn’t have much weight as other measures.

    As you mentioned, regardless Alexa is important since outside sources determine the popularity of your website through it.

    Take care…
    Steven Wilson recently posted…Are All These New Tools Helping Or Handicapping Bloggers?My Profile

    • says

      Regarding Alexa, most have the same view – It’s not a part of SEO, perhaps it can indirectly help one to measure and audit which is useful for attracting advertisers. Apart from it, it works really great when we’r looking for a sponsored post – Ya, it’s great.

      Thanks for stopping by Steven Wilson, and sharing your views with us. Have a great weekend ahead.
      – Bishal Biswas

  6. says

    I agree with you. When I’m new in blogging I just only concentrating on increasing Alexa rank of my site but, since the couple of months I realized that its wasting of time as my site traffic is decreasing and Alexa rank is increasing :) .

    Nice post.
    Virendar Warwal recently posted…How to Make Money Blogging?My Profile

  7. says

    I have noticed a change in Alexa ranking lately. Over the last month, my ranking has started going up significantly. I have not changed anything I am doing, but I guess their rating system may have changed. Regardless, I enjoyed this article, and all the comments. Very helpful, thank you.

  8. says

    Nice post Bishal. If you ask me, Alexa rank is something very strange. On one hand, bloggers are desperate to show-off a low score, but at the same time when their scores are high, they keep saying Alexa rank is usless, does not say reflect actual traffic of site etc. My final opinion, Alexa rank is (indirectly) important for seo, because the sanity of bloggers depends upon it and unless bloggers are sane they cannot write ‘great content’ :)

    • says

      Glad, I could help. And fortunately, you got me right – Alexa although being inaccurate plays major role when it comes about advertisers who occasionally analyze and determine the potential of a site through Alexa score/rank, so better to have a good Alexa rank.

  9. says

    Hi bishal
    Wow.. This is a very impressive article… Though it’s my 1st time vising this blog, it has really impacted knowledge into me..

    Well, If you would ask me, I would say Alexa is part of Seo, coz looking at other factors, like quality backlinks, and other seo related factors like quality content, you stand the chance of improving ur alexa ranking..

    Thanks for sharing this useful tips.. Pls you can help take a review of my blog, would be expecting ur feedback..
    My Blog: Guruswizard tech.

  10. says

    Wow.. This is a very impressive article… Though it’s my 1st time vising this blog, it has really impacted knowledge into me..

    Well, If you would ask me, I would say Alexa is part of Seo, coz looking at other factors, like quality backlinks, and other seo related factors like quality content, you stand the chance of improving ur alexa ranking..

    Thanks for sharing this useful tips.. Pls you can help take a review of my blog, would be expecting ur feedback..
    My Blog: Guruswizard tech.

    • says

      Yes, it’s up to you to consider that is it a part of SEO, or not. But, mainly due to inaccurate details that Alexa provides i.e. Audiences Demographics, Backlinks, etc. People mainly consider Google Analytics to be worthy, rather than Alexa.

      But, it’s good to have a great alexa rank. Glad, I could help. Thanks for your feedback.

  11. says

    Hey Bishal, wonderful post friend. You have done a through analysis. and yes it helps. Writing content is the most obivous thing and if we have great quality content with elegant writing structure and grammar then it will surely boost our alexa as well as SERPs

  12. says

    Thank You Bishal, This is an amazing insight. So many people think Alexa is everything, but truly for a niche blogger its not a big deal.

    Like Seth Goding Said “Its not the Ranking or Number of Visitors that matters, what matter is that are you building a tribe or not” . And that’s why Seth is one of the greatest Blogging Legend.

    Thank You again :-)

  13. says

    You are spot on. Alexa is not worth much when it comes to SEO.. Installing the toolbar yourself boosts your site a lot but does not affect your serp rankings.

  14. says

    Thanks for sharing..! Honestly, the article make me sense about Alexa. Actually, I just know that alexa is an determining about the popular of our blog and it is not accurate information. However, the most of advertisers love it.

    I would agree with you. Writing the quality article and frequently update your blog increase alexa score.
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

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