How Potential of Blogs Varies from Niche?

Are you stuck’ed up by letting your blog to ripe by choosing a niche which isn’t having enough potential to make  even $100? It’s obnoxious. Learn how a targeted niche making dollars compared to those who’r not able to do so.

People say “we blog for passion”, but in an edge we are looking for get – $$$$. And if we ain’t been making that, we gets crooked. But, think once about the time when you’ve decided to blog, what motivates me is that when I’ve started with a plan, that let the time pass, I’ll be one among the pro’s. Same alike, might be your thoughts when you were new to it.

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Before starting to blog, you might have thought that:

1. You’d have earned $$$$, yet earned nothing.

2. You’d have got high rank in Google, yet you haven’t.

3. You’d have get massive traffic, yet it isn’t.

4. You’d have huge followers, yet not.

5. You’d have widespread your article everywhere, unfortunately you’ve not.

But, what you’ve is – Your brain, just need to brainstorm, and your blog and you’r ready to kick-off the blockages and establish your blog. And yes, I mean that.


Blogging isn’t just about getting traffic or rank either, but how you’r blogging. (click to tweet this).

Have you ever thought, “Blogging isn’t for you”? – may be. Even I’ve felt so when I was a novice. If you are really struck’ed up with anything try finding a solution of it, and I’m confident that you would make of it. And since, I’ve thought about this article “How potential of blogs varies from niche”, I’ll be showing you some strategical plan which may help you distinguish between niches.


But, before we start let me give you few information (if you aren’t known to it).

What is a Niche Blog?

Niche blogs is  blog in which we do target a specific category to deal with.

It comprises of two part – 1) Category based i.e. Sports, Games, etc. 2) Event based i.e. targeting a particular event.

Compared to the traditional blogs like our’s, niche blog have much targeted audiences as because those blogs are targeted and get’s almost 95% traffic from search engines. They aren’t depended on Social Media, or guest posting either to get traffic.

Mostly bloggers now-a-days focus on event-based blog as because it helps to make them quick dollars within a short span of time. Firstly, they research keywords of High CPC (i.e $2 to $10 per click on ads), and then either they register a domain with a different name or Exact match domain (short EMD) in order to rank higher easily.

Following that, they do build a high amount of backlink and let them get indexed by Google. Upon indexing, they rank to the top (depended upon the work they have done).

Things to keep in mind:

1. Registering an Exact Match Domain give higher changes to rank.

2. Make sure that you aren’t targeting a competitive keyword, else it’s totally a time waste. Not if it isn’t a event which might take place after a time gap.

3. In event based niche blogs, it’s too tough to work individually rather form a team of 4-5 people and give a boost to it.

4. You may register your blog on Free Hosting i.e. Blogger, or else you can buy a hosting, I’d recommend you BlueHost (Aff. link).

How Potential of Blogs Varies from Niche?

Recently, I’ve attended a bloggers meet which was organized by IndiBlogger, in that I’ve been introduced to and been interacted with many fellow bloggers who are master in their field. During that, we do have a discussion upon which the article is based on.

Let’s compare two different niches and have a view on their structural data.

1. Technology based blog.

2. Educational based niche blog.

In term of technology, we know that people who are visiting the blog who have interest and knowledge about technology and the happenings. So, it’s too obvious that they might have or is aware of, that clicking an ad will make one’s profit. And compared to that, educational based blog audiences aren’t familiar with all those.

When they’re visiting a blog and seeing some ads on the sidebar or content either and founds that thing might help them in their career, as a result they prefer clicking ads. But in blogs like technology niche people are aware of such thing and isn’t likely clicking on the ads much.

And that’s why, Niche bloggers mainly target niches based on Education, Sports, Occasions, etc.

Whether it’s niche or traditional blog, the thing is – You’r audiences are the one who’s helping you out so it’s better serving them with full attention and desire rather than serving and begging Google to rank you higher. In 2014, Google has enrolled numerous changes in their algorithm but the real fact is – Content is the king.

Write, keep writing, and go on writing. That’s the way to succeed.


So what you think about niche blogging, would you give it a try? 

Article Name
How Potential of Blogs Varies from Niche?
Are you stuck'ed up by letting your blog to ripe by choosing a niche which isn't having enough potential to make even $100? It's obnoxious.


  1. says

    Hi Bishal,
    Very Well Said, niche has become very popular and easy way to earn quick money from blogging. Instead many bloggers are sticking to one blog which never paid them a single penny. It is very important to do experiment when it comes to making money.
    Event niche blog is the best short term money making process.
    Well said,
    Best Regards,
    Paul billygraham Reang recently posted…MyThemeShop Coupon Code 2014 no Expiry Coupon $99.60My Profile

  2. says

    Hey Bishal,

    Very attractive title mate, great!

    Niche blogging is surely the biggest reason for novice bloggers to adapt blogging as their part time or full time career.

    Surely your online income depends on your niche and I must say Blogging niche is one of the worst niche to get some bucks earned from ad clicks. It pains a lot to see the adsense ads earnings report. :(

    But other side, education niche bloggers making huge profit with their blogs which proves that niche matters a lot and your niche selection must be of high thinking.

    Great info buddy, thanks for sharing!
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts AliveMy Profile

    • says

      Yes, compared to blogging niche the educational sites have huge profit as because it’s Niche Game. One who play with a strategy, wins. Perhaps, success you can get from anywhere irrespective to the niches and you’ve achieved too. However, in term of money- Educational blogs win.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

      – Bishal Biswas

  3. says

    The profitability of a niche blog will in part depend on the extent to which people are looking for advice on something before they buy. If they like the advice offered on the blog, they will feel more comfortable buying through the blog, rather than from somewhere else.
    David @THGM recently posted…Why we NEVER ask for testimonialsMy Profile

    • says

      Yes, building trust (no matter in tradition or niche blog) is important as because until and unless one be confident on oneself, they don’t feel safe in purchasing so building trust in the eyes of visitors or audiences either is essential for blogging. I’ve noticed people in order to gain trust highlighting their awards, or where they’ve been featured on – and that’s great way to gain trust.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your views with us.

      – Bishal Biswas

  4. says

    Hey Bro,
    You are really genius. you know very well that what your Blog readers want to read and that’s why you come up with these type of amazing information.

    I loved the information you mentioned via comparing two niche Blog. Even i have also started a niche blog and very soon i will publish publicly. thanks for sharing this awesome post Bro. keep updating these mind-blowing ideas.
    Amit Kumar recently posted…Top 8 Excellent Features Introduced in iOS 8My Profile

  5. says

    Hey Bishal,
    You are absolutely correct, Chossing a correct niche is really important task before starting a blog. Nowadays many newbie blogger are starting their blogs on a niche about which they don’t have any idea, which makes their survival in blog-o-sphere tough.
    Nowadays event niche blogging has been very popular as its a Shortest way to earn sum great bucks. I also did event niche blogging some months ago which gaved me a break from my regular routine and some good earnings also.
    Shubham Khatwani recently posted…Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop for free 2014 – Windows 7, XP, 8 and MACMy Profile

  6. says

    Wow, i have been seeing a surge in people trying out niche events, you have really come close to give out the exact strategy which i have using too and getting some success as well. i just wanna say kudos for always helping fellow bloggers with information worth a goldmine.
    Masroor Khan recently posted… CG TET Admit Card 2014 Download Hall TicketMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Gaurav,

      It’s better to keep it as minimum as possible, as if you’re building up backlinks (say 50, daily); Google may take it as Unnatural Backlink. So, I’d suggest you not building more than 10 backlinks (on daily basis) to maintain the ratio.

      Whenever you’re building backlink, maintain a ration between no-follow and do-follow (i.e. 2:4, or 3:5).

      That’s what I’d suggest, thanks for your comment 😀

      – Bishal Biswas

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