Hit By Panda 4.0 Algorithm? Here’s How You Can Recover

Google launches Mobile Friendly Update, the biggest Google algorithmic update ever.

A delightful day, turned into the most dreadful one for the marketers and bloggers, since when Google launched it’s first Panda Algorithm on 11th Feb, 2011, we can well term it as a nightmare.

Designer: Bishal Biswas

To begin with Google Panda Algorithm, it is a long term change which involves several updates that is being launched under the supervise of Matt Cutts, Head of Google Web Spam Team, which has started back in February, 2011, and unfortunately no one ain’t predicted when it will be finished. The major target are those that of the spammy sites along with links are being figured and smashed out.

In short, it focuses on improving on-page optimization of a site to give the best experience for both Google and your site readers, yet Over Optimization can led to Google Penalization.

Panda 4.0 Algorithm

Being good for some, have been evil to some sites who’s publishing low quality articles for ranking purposes. It’s well known that Google Panda is quite new, but it doesn’t mean that everybody have figured it out. Unlike what SEO’s say, it is quite hard to figure it out that you have been penalized by Google or not, and what you can do about it.

Matt Cutts announced about rolling of Panda 4.0 today, which as mentioned is Google’s very own Algorithm.



But, is it a big update? Doesn’t seem so.

Search Engine Land terming it to be a soft and gentle update where Google is refreshing their data’s to adapt some new changes in their algorithms. It is believed that this update is going to impact 7.5% English Queries.


Panda 4.0 Survival Tips:

Although it is quite and calm update, where it is believed that you ain’t going to get a huge penalty, if you are publishing low-quality contents, as because it’s just a data refresh. However, it is better to take remedies for this disease.

From past few days, I do have found an improvement in my search queries, and too have ranked over some competitive keywords which is more or less impressive. I wasn’t actually aware of – Google Panda 4.0, but when I go through Matt Cutts update, I got the answer.

Some features of Panda Algorithm: 

1. Google Panda, penalize and down overall ranking of the low quality site.
2. Till yet, only few have been successfully recovered from this algorithm.
3. On-Page Optimization is essential factor.
4. Being specific to the contents is important, rather than generic terms.
5. Google+ is an important part and Social bookmarking works great too.

#1- Write Quality Articles:

Old school fact “Quality is the king”, and yes, it actually work. The more you write, the better it is. Google taking it as a majority, content plays an important role in which they can easily determine the difference between an authority and a bad site.

A quality article comprises of valuable details, which make a sense and isn’t something crap to read. It is an article which solves the problem of the reader who is reading it, it is an article which inspire someone, and it is the one which – Inspires other.

Don’t just write to rank, perhaps write to inspire. Write to learn, write to tell.

Let Matt Cutts praise you, as because you are a leader to those thousand of readers. Write something valuable, and you can rank higher in Google easily.

There’s a difference between a Top 10 and a How-to guide. Suppose, if I’d written an article of – “5 Tips to Survive Google Algorithms”, then I’d just write those 5, nothing else. Which marks an end to the topic when the five points are over. At the same time “How To Recover from Google Panda 4.0”, is something which can help your readers to know more and more about it.

Writing a Quality Article – Summary:

1. Write longer articles – Maintaining the quality of it.
2. Write to inspire – Have a unique style.
3. Write to solve queries – The reader must say, Yes, this article is good.

#1.1 – Target Your Readers

If you are yet confused, on the earth, whom you are serving – then it’s actually not good.

If you truly want to lay an impact into this blog-o-sphere, then the first mission you need to complete is – Finding the correct audiences for your blog.

1) For instance, you are a cook of a big restaurant. Among the people, almost 30% are returning customer and 70% are new to it.  So, the first mission of yours (as a cook), is giving them the best taste what they like and perhaps they will be impressed with it, and will return back.

2) Let’s continue with a cook (as an example), a person is telling you to make a great recipe which he’d like. But, you aren’t aware the person is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, and mistakenly you haven’t yet asked what is he. Then you served him tasty, spicy – non-veg food, and later you came to know that he’s vegetarian. What will be his and your reaction?

First and foremost, you do have a loss, and secondly you got your customer angry. Nothing else.

The second example, that I have given is totally similarly to your blog. You are going on contributing articles on your blog which are based on Blogging and SEO. Then I’m quite sure your readers aren’t much interested in cricket and perhaps, you just do a big mistake by promoting much about cricket, rather than blogging.

Solution – If you are new to blogging, go with a specific niche not multi-niche to be more specific to your readers. 

#1.2 Connect With Them Emotionally

Ever thought, how some story tellers just go beyond your thoughts and take you into their world?

It’s marvelous, and those who mastered in this art, rules.

Blogging isn’t just about being formal, which creep you into while writing. The simple solution is – Write informally. Write in such a way your readers can understand what the point you are talking about. If you actually want to be THE NEXT – and you can’t afford telling stories, then I’m afraid, you can’t.

Have a style, I mean a unique one, from which you can understand where and when you do require to divide the story and the subject you are talking about. Challenge your readers, i.e. you can opt for – Let’s see who wins, can play a great role in engaging them.

The way to gain sovereignty, is writing in such a way you can connect to your reader’s heart and mind. Know them, solve their questions through your writing, have a unique style. And yet, it can work like a charm.

Remove Low Quality Contents:

You might have known the mistake you are doing, but wait.

Have you remove those that of the low quality contents which you have written earlier?

If no, you are making a big mistake. Google is taking low quality contents very seriously and perhaps the best way to solve this is – work on those article which you have written earlier, or else you can at-least work on the length of it. Try extending it with several more points and information which’d help you interlinking the old articles with new one.

If you have been penalized by Google Panda 4.0, then I’d recommend you highly to adapt the new seo changes to rank you higher in search engines and make changes on your old content frequently to enhance your performance.

Have a close watch through Google Analytics, and do check which articles’r having more than 80% Bounce Rate, work more and more on them, and try to lower it.

Other Factors To Keep in Mind:

Well, I do have laid few of the things that need to be considered essential part in recovering your blog from Panda 4.0, however there are several other factors to know and apply, and they are:

1. Remove all the copied contents: Until and unless you remove the low-quality and copied contents from your blog, the possibility of getting your blog recovered won’t be completed. So, find and destroy all the deleted contents. You can later on use URL canonicalization to redirect your links for bots. Also, use robot.txt file to stop the bots to index unnecessary contents from your blog.

2. Learn SEO Optimization: Your future will be unpredictable if you don’t learn SEO. Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short, is a good practice to improve your SERP visibility and enhance your ranking. Comprised of two part, On-Page, which consists of Keyword optimization, Contents, Meta tags, Robot.txt, .htaccess, plugin configuration (if WordPress hosting), etc. and Off-page, which consists of – Backlinks, Social Media Shares, Social Bookmarking, etc.

3. Use SEO Friendly Theme: Apply a theme, which is reliable, less fancy, clean, optimized, fast, and easy to navigate. If you are on WordPress, then you may opt for either Genesis or Thesis, or you can even hire a guy to design a custom theme for you. Don’t forget to take in consideration of it’s loading speed, compress the scripts, etc.

4. Social Media Promotion: If you’r willing to spread your contents everywhere then Social Media comes at the first. Target mostly on Google+ as because it’s own by Google itself, and taking in majority of social signals it is believed that Social Media plays an important role in ranking as well as in recovering your site.

5. Build Backlinks, but don’t spam: Traditionally, backlinks provide an important role in ranking. It can be also used as a powerful weapon to led into the battle between you and Google. Build links from authority sites, social bookmarking, forums, profiles and I’m confident that you can rank higher in search engines.

And the fact is…

Google Algorithms, say Panda 4.0, is just a set of rules that Google programmed to kick-off the websites who are using it in sake of building massive links and rank. But, on the other hand, you can take full advantages of it by following those rule as because Google doesn’t manually update it’s algorithm but an automatic program which frequently changes.

You can either have a rank boost or even a drop. Remember “Life is like a roller coaster, there’s up and downs, but it is only you who might have courage to ride it or not”, similarly have courage and faith in yourself, and be the change.

Also- You can hire me for SEO Coaching, or personally review your site and recover it or even implement the most Advance SEO Techniques to Enhance your Blog Performance in SERP. Read more about it (Click here).

Let us know, if you are one of the victim of Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm. What steps you took to improve and recover your blog? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Article Name
Hit By Panda 4.0 Algorithm? Here's How You Can Recover
Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm, back on it's form with a set of new rules to deal with. Know, how you can survive the Google algorithm and improve your blog.


  1. Alan Bleiweiss says


    overall you bring up very good points. It’s important to understand however, that Panda is complex. So for example, how Google works to understand what a site’s content is all about involves many signals. Not just quality content that meets visitor needs on individual pages.

    So for example, if you have five different services you offer, each of these should have it’s own unique content, on individual pages, keeping the topical focus of each page highly refined to one individual service. And if necessary, you may need to create supporting pages for some or all of those. That supporting content needs to be placed as sub-pages – sitting directly beneath the main individual service page they relate to.

    Too many people create sites with a “flat” architecture – where all the additional pages are at the same level in the URL structure as the main pages. Or they try to get all the services info onto one page.
    It’s valid to have a primary “services” page that gives a brief highlight of your main services – and in that case, you can then link to each of the individual services pages beneath that page, and from each of those, you can link to the sub-pages related to each.

    So Content organization is also a vital aspect of this. As is page processing – speed and efficiency. Information architecture is a major aspect of the overall ability search engines have in evaluating a site.

    One other consideration – just because a site might have been hit by Panda does not mean they only have Panda specific problems. If other problems exist, a Panda hit will likely appear bigger because the site was already weak due to other issues.

    And on a final note, this wasn’t necessarily a gentle hit – SearchMetrics has a great report they came out with yesterday that shows some big sites were hit by as much as a 50% gain or loss. For two of my clients, they saw a major gain. One had an increase of over 250% and another had a gain of over 400%. That’s not a minor change at all.

    It really depends on each individual site.

    • says

      Can’t add much more than what Alan Bleiweiss said! :-)

      One other point you may want to consider is that Panda is not a nightmare for marketers and bloggers if they were following best practices for sustainable SEO. Panda is in many ways a blessing for quality sites and for searchers. It has resulted in lower quality sites being removed out of the top SERPs!
      Dana Lookadoo recently posted…Mozinar Slides – Stress-free Website Redesign for Search and SocialMy Profile

      • says

        Panda, although being a nightmare can help us (i.e. Marketers and Bloggers), to improve their blog tremendously by serving informative, valuable, meaningful contents. Remember – Effective Strategy + Solid Contents + Good Promotion = Success.

        Dana, I’m glad I could help. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us.
        – Bishal Biswas

  2. says

    I would say no panda, penguin, hummingbird can hits our blog until and unless we don’t use blackhat tricks to promote our blog. If we keep focusing on creating high quality unique article with white hat link building strategies and social shares we won’t have to worry about panda and all updates. Anyways i read your blogpost. Well written and mentioned clearly everything from scratch. For those who are not aware of these google algorithm updates they should read this post.
    Kamlesh recently posted…New Micromax Phone in Market : Micromax Unite 2 A106My Profile

  3. says

    Panda can be tricky, but in general it is nice to think about Panda in terms of crawl priority. Google wants unique, trustworthy, authoritative, and exhaustive content. Moreover, they want this relative to the particular industry within which you operate. For example, you may be surprised to hear that Wikipedia does not tend to get particularly high scores on measures like “this content was written by experts” or “I would trust this site with a credit card”. It doesn’t need to because it doesn’t compete in spaces where those Panda questions don’t apply as much. Moreover, its scores on other metrics, such as being insightful, original, trustworthy, etc. are off the charts.

    In addressing Panda, I would do a number of things…

    1. Write exhaustively on a subject: Don’t simply provide definitional content. Provide substance with external support.

    2. Link to external support: A good piece of content ought to have a bibliography

    3. Add trust signals wherever possible: show who the author is and why they are qualified, use BBB or HackerProof type badges, use HTTPS if possible, show user reviews and ratings with schema markup.

    These types of techniques will help keep your content out of Panda’s targets.
    Russ Jones recently posted…A Plea for DataMy Profile

    • says

      I believe, Panda 4.0 was a refresh that Google made in order to make some changes in their algorithms. And yes, you’r right, site’s authority and trust plays an important role, like Wikipedia is dominating all over the searches as because, they’r the one who have build loyal trust in reader’s mind.

      I’m glad, I could help. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  4. says

    Awesome Bishal, First of all I guess the first Panda Algorithm updated was rolled out on 23rd or 24th of Feb 2011, not on 11th Feb. But it is not the main point over here, though u said it absolutely right that Panda 4.0 is a bit softer and gentler update, helping some sites previously hit by Panda. Also the way to recover from it is to produce quality content only :)

    Other points and ways to recover from it is really good. I really like reading your post, though seriously I was not aware about you. :) Glad to know that someone from West Bengal is doing such a nice job in this field.
    Alok Vats recently posted…Google Rolled Out Panda 4.0 Updates!My Profile

  5. says

    Hi Bishal,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Honestly speaking, I’ve never really been concerned about these Google animal updates because I know I am treading a very straight and honest path and have nothing to fear.

    Yes, it is a nightmare for many bloggers as some would either stop blogging during the update or others see a fall in their traffic. But if you are doing the right things, your traffic will remain steady and so would your rank. Mine never changes and only gets better – how and why, don’t ask, though I do need to work on my older posts, one thing that I need time for actually.

    You wrote the key points about writing quality content as you can no longer fool Google, and if you are a heart writer like me and write from your heart – FOR the people – to help them, you can never really go wrong – and I think if every blogger starts to give a little of themselves to others, it would make such a difference to the Blogosphere, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…SYPS: Resolve Lifestyle Problems to Make Your Life BetterMy Profile

    • says

      I believe, it’s quite alike of a Moral Value, of blogging. The one who ethically practice the methods ultimately wins, and vice-versa. The conscience of it, is – Being Faithful, Loyal and Trustful to readers will give a lot of benefits and will make a person able to get praise from Google too.

      I’m honored and glad, to hear from you Harleena Mam, thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your views.
      – Bishal Biswas

  6. says

    This is Google being true to their mission from day one; provide the best user experience possible. “SEOs” that try to game the system will always get caught by an algorithm update eventually. This update also hit those that want to be cheap. Shockingly, lots of big eCom sites flushed with cash tend to be impacted by these updates because of their frugality.

    They refuse to employ writers and stick to as little content as possible, or they repurpose content various places throughout their site. I have spoken to a few of the losers of the latest Panda update many years ago. I pushed content marketing, but content marketing is not “scalabe.” Looks like they should have listened. :)
    Garth O’Brien recently posted…Google’s Stance on Guest #Blogging Flies in the Face of the Purpose of the InternetMy Profile

    • says

      Ya, you’r right. Through the recent update i.e. Panda 4.0, there have been a big impact in website’s traffic. The one who plays faithfully, ultimately wins. Unlike those that of the one who used some unethical tactics to improve their ranking. I’m wondering yet, why eBay had a 85% loss in their traffic, and why it have been targeted.

      Perhaps, I’m really glad to hear from you. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Have a great weekend ahead.
      – Bishal Biswas

  7. says

    Very nice tips. I work for a very large authority site and it’s been interesting to see the impact of this latest Panda update across all of our topics over the past few days… a lot of our content got hit pretty hard, but some are way up in the rankings. Not sure if it will stick. It’s been a pretty big shake-up.

    I honestly think social sharing is becoming a bigger deal to Google these days. Writing for real humans should be everyone’s real priority going forward.
    Elise recently posted…Stop the calorie counting madnessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Elise,

      It been a glorious update although, for me. However, it have been noticed that several big scale sites i.e. eBay got the penalty abruptly. I’m feeling bad to hear such incident with the sites you’r working with. Well, you may hire me in order to remove the Panda penalty, and improve your SEO tremendously to rank it higher in search engines.

      Apart from this, I’m glad to hear from you. Have a great weekend ahead, and I hope – those site recover soon.
      – Bishal Biswas

  8. says

    Several great points on how Panda affects those who are trying to game the system.
    Just remember Google doesn’t buy any of your goods. So, dont market to Google’s search. Write for your customer. Write for your audience. If you do that there is an above average chance that you will not ever have to worry about what Google is doing to its algorithms. You will still want to keep up todate on what is going on.
    Yet I really don’t hear many people talk about the best SEO practice you can do right now and be entirely in Google’s favor. Use Google Plus! This helps get your content ranked higher the more you participate in relevant conversations.
    Bryan Goodwin recently posted…Make Contact for Engagement – Ep 21My Profile

    • says

      Hi Bryan Goodwin,

      I’m glad that you found this article to be worthy, thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your views with us.

      Have a great weekend ahead.
      – Bishal Biswas

    • says

      Do Analyze Your Google Analytics and Webmaster Stats, find out is there any drop in traffic and ranking. If dropped, unfortunately you are penalized. Do let me know after you have analyzed.

  9. says

    Hi bishal,
    very useful topic, google panda update kills many bloggers or blog. Instead of recovering it many bloggers prefer changing blog. However, this post will surely help many guys….
    Best regards,

    • says

      It’s awkward to see people changing blog(s), right after a hit. Perhaps, the best solution is keep moving on providing quality articles, helping users, taking down the bad links, and is ready to go.

      Glad, I could help. Thanks for your feedback.

  10. says

    In and all, quality content is the key to survival from any Google update. Recent Panda 4.0 affected around 5-7% of english keywords so always build links with unique quality content.

  11. Shilpa Sharma says

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