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Do you know, since 1990’s when blogging was totally new to the blogging. What they actually used to do? Um, well you might not be aware of those that of 1990’s, yet.

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Let me tell you about a think which you may or may not be aware. Previous people used to generate fake contents, suppose Tom had written an article, so Larry used to copy that same thing, and they looping that same process probably 100’s of other blogger copy the same article, yet get’s to the first page of Google….!

Now, what you would say? Simply annoying isn’t it? As you are working too hard to put your brand in-front yet those that of 1990’s used to get rank just by coping. This comprehensive Q/A guide will be guiding you through various tips which would be really useful to you.

Q/A- 1: What is PageRank and How To Get PR? 

Yesterday, one of our reader had asked me about Page Rank, and how to improve Page Rank. Well, page rank is a simple metric scale between 0-10. It combines total amount of backlinks a site have to the backlinks a site is pointing to an other website. Suppose you have 100 backlinks (it’s pointing to your site) and suppose you are giving link juice to other site, say “”, so Google will calculate how many links you are getting and how much you are giving away.

Well, in order to improve page rank, one has to write more and more contents. As content is king but still without Quality it’s nothing, so you should remember:

1. Write for your audience not for Google.
2. Don’t copy other article nor spin articles.
3. Be always genuine, give credits to others.
4. Make sure to use internal links in your site to point your old articles with new ones.
5. Build more links for your site.

Having more backlinks led to higher page rank, but you should remember not to use any illegal methods such as buying links, using bots to create links, using any automatic sites to create links for your site. These will not only affect your site but will also remove your site from Google history. So in order to be safe from everything and smartly improve your page rank, just make sure you do it manually.

Q/A- 2: Do You Really Need To Submit Your Site in Bookmarking Sites? 

Next Question is about Social Bookmarking sites. So, let’s clarify it. Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, are useful because it helps you to promote your blog in those popular sites and allows you to drive quality traffic to your blog.

I would say it’s useful as because, directly or indirectly if you have traffic in your blog then it’s obvious that you would have better rank and if you would have better ranking then more advertisers will be attracted to your site which would led to higher amount of income.

However, getting to the front page of these site are not so easy as it seem. However, by following the tips above you could have higher chances to get more expose in these site.

1. Write attractive headings (the main shot to hit all the birds).
2. Write meaningful yet short description, write something which would actually attract more readers and which would force them to read full article.
3. Remember quality should be maintained in your article.
4. First paragraph should be exciting or shocking which would make your readers to read more.
5. Make it easy for others to bookmark your site.

Q/A- 3: Why Meta Tags are valuable? 

While conducting the poll of Ask Bishal, I got a request about “Why meta tags are valuable” so let us sum it up. Meta Tags are just like A,B,C,D or to say it indicates the search engine crawlers and bots about our site. What things you are providing in your site, when they should crawl again to your site, etc. However meta tags mainly consists of Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description.

Meta Keyword and Description are still used by Google to show about a site in the search listing however meta keywords are not used by Google since past years. But still, I would suggest using those keywords as there are several other search engine like Bing, Yahoo which still possibly use keywords.

About it’s usage, I would suggest using meta’s in your site as because it’s used by the search engine bots and crawlers to determine how your site works. So it’s essential to use those.

What’s your issue?

Well, our Q/A ends here, yet we would be back with another Q/A. Till that have a good time, keep blogging. Oops, I forget to ask you. Are you having any issue that I can solve in the next Q/A? Well, if yes, then you could just write that and send it to me directly through comments. I would be preparing more exciting articles which would be really helpful to you. Have a great comment below and let me know how you feel about this first ever Q/A about Blogging and SEO

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  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    Wow, you have cleared the doubts of many newbies.
    The best part is that youv’e linked the terms to google forums and its links. :)

    Thanks for the post .

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks, Iftekhar Ahmed for stopping by and leaving such great comment, well these Q/A I think personally going to be really helpful (as you too said) as because it’s in term how actually blogging is done, and moreover both’s problem is being cleared, mine (the big problem of finding new ideas) and readers (who urge to know about these). Well, this comprehensive guide will extend further more.

      Stay tuned and have a great weekend.
      - Bishal Biswas

  • Mrityunjay prajapati

    A lot of people who blog told me that i must switch over WordPress to make my aim easy to earn money through blogging. But still i wan to continue with blogger platform.

    So kindly tell me am i doing the right thing or not?

    • Bishal Biswas

      Making money online is a great tragedy for most of us blogger, Yes I term (us) as because at first most of us have definitely failed at making money online, herein I would tell or compare between blogger and wordpress as both are good in their own. Making money online is not about hosting, yet it’s about practical thinking and how we are doing it. For those we need a correct strategy to perform, however you can choose – Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing (recommended), Article writing, Advertising, etc. I would be guiding you though a comprehensive guide in the next Q/A.

      Thanks, and have a great weekend.
      - Bishal Biswas


    Awesome Article,It Will help newbies! Thanx For Sharing This INFO.

    • Bishal Biswas

      I am really glad to know that you find this article valuable, and I really appreciate your kind words. Stay tuned for more updates and articles.

  • Justin Quitaleg

    Thanks for this Very informative post, I’ll keep coming back for your new blog updates.

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words, I am really glad to know that you find this article or to say Q/A valuable, stay tuned for our next Q/A where I am going to answer some new challenges.

      - Bishal Biswas

  • vishal fulwani

    hey bishal bro
    Article is awesome bro , it helpfull for newbies like me.And your list info is good.All this thing is impotent for newbies to clear out about CEO and blogging.

    • Bishal Biswas

      I am really glad to know that you find this article valuable and found it worthy, and I really appreciate your feedback :)

  • Aditya Singh

    Hi ,
    Nice was gud, all the question you have put are really good. Seo is really important for every site to stand out of crowd as if you don’t apply seo then your blog can’t get in top search. These tips will help newbie blogger also.


    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks Aditya Singh, for stopping by and leaving a great comment. Ya, SEO is the backbone of a site’s structure and yet it’s the major thing which we need to do in order to improve our ranking, well doing SEO in a right manner not only be beneficial for the site yet we can get a lot of organic searches which in-directly or directly improve our earning.

      Hope you find this article valuable, stay tuned and have a great weekend.
      - Bishal Biswas

  • Krishna Moorthy D

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) Solved here :). So helpful for Newbies Keep Posting :)

    • Bishal Biswas

      I am really glad to know that you found this article valuable, yet I would be trying to solve more challenges of SEO and blogging, hope you enjoy our blog further.

      Stay tuned, and have a great weekend.
      - Bishal Biswas

  • Jagdish Kashyap

    First of all Thank you so much.
    I got my answer.
    Thanks again & keep writing.

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such valuable comment, stay tuned for more :)

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    Awesome design & wonderful tips bro! :D

    • Bishal Biswas

      Thanks a lot for your wishes and support :) stay tuned for more exciting adventure of blogging:)

  • Vikas Kumar

    So here are my questions and I will be grateful to you if you answer them.

    Q. What is really google authority author?
    Q. What points to keep in mind in order to obtain such wonderful status?
    Q. What are the minimum requirements in order to be the authority person in the eyes of google. I mean like for eg. you need to have a million visitor a month or something like that. I hope you have understood.

    Thank you very much.

  • D Lee

    This queries and answer is really helpful to me, and thanks a lot Bishal Biswas for solving these issues.
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