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NO I won’t be starting, at-least this time with those pretty boring introduction of Search Engine Optimization (SEO in short). Meanwhile if you aren’t aware of SEO Optimization, then you can read – What is SEO.


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Obvious with no doubt it’s 2014 (No I’ve not gone mad), but just a fragment of feeling fresh. Probably you may have already sit for hundreds of hour(computer screen at front and you staring at the blog) for finding the best seo strategy, you may have got succeed or may not.

SEO in 2015 – Part #1.

SEO in 2015, can actually negatively impact your site if. Here in conclusion I would suggest you to read this article carefully in order to find the mistakes “YOU” are doing in SEO. I am not giving you a 100% refund policy or a guarantee of it that you aren’t going to get kicked-off by Google perhaps we all know “Precaution is better than cure”.

In this article I will guide you with several tactics which can help you to survive easily with SEO in 2015. Might you be knowing that it’s really embarrassing while getting penalized (even luckily I haven’t been so), which can collapse your search traffic.

Good To Know: One silly mistake can smash up your blog’s traffic. BEWARE.

Cheers, you aren’t been removed yet from the track. You may be delighted that I do have some cure for your issues to conquer over them. Don’t let yourself called a Bullshit, know it all and now we shall step into our article to learn some sensational ways to survive seo in 2015.

Adaptation of New Strategy:

Perhaps, Google is updating it’s algorithm very frequently and too is been changed a while. Have you noticed the results when you type a query in the search box of Google? Compared to the previous it has changed.

SEO’s would have continue affecting your site (if they don’t know about the update) by using more characters in the title tag. I.e. Previously the maximum length was of 70 Characters of the title tag, however now it is 60 Characters max. So, if you are still using the old methods then you need to change it.

What will happen if you don’t adapt the new tactics?

Answer is simple, you would loose your SERP/Organic visitors as because your title will be sliced if you use more characters in the title tag which is mainly used to attract new visitors towards your site. For instance, have a look at the example below:


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Top 5 Tricky and Brainstorming Idea To Use For SEO Optimization. (67 Characters) is your title of the article where the main keyword is SEO Optimization which is at the last of the sentence.

So, as it is exceeding the maximum scale so it would be sliced and be seen as “Top 5 Tricky and Brainstorming Idea to Use For SEO Optim”, not more than this. So, isn’t it looking non-attractive where you can easily make it attractive by using title like “5 Brainstorming SEO Optimization Tactics”, it’s short and good although compared to that of the previous one.

Coming to description, I do think it has not been changed however it’s recommended that DONT use description which exceeds 150 characters. It is so as because you can see DATE is too included just below the title tag which acquires some desired space for it and if you are using description of 155 characters or so then it would too get sliced which perhaps not be looking a complete package.

Old Techniques are Alive Yet:

Don’t think that the old techniques will be going to replaced with any other strategies, perhaps if you are practicing of using Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, then don’t throw it off. It’s still work.

Keyword Optimization is essential to rank. I remember somewhat that I had told you I don’t focus on keyword much however I do realize it’s value giving it importance equally with my other SEO techniques that I would and is following.

Backlinks are too ruling in order rank higher in search engine. Although I’m not sure about guest posting as it’s said by Matt Cutts (Head of Google Spam Team) that Guest Blogging is Dead and is being penalized.

Social Bookmarking is now nowhere been seen performing much however these days the fashion of building backlinks is by commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs and also joining few high authority sites and add a short description about ME or You and then include a link smartly and hurrah you got a high authority backlinks.

Continuation in Part #2

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