Shh! Don’t Share These Secret To Optimize Your Blog! – 3000+ Words Guide

Apart from contents there are many other factors that Google use in other to rank a blog. In order to optimize your blog what you need is a strategy. Well, let me ask you some simple questions over here:

1. Are you giving your best efforts in your blog?
2. Are you blogging for your readers and not for search engines?
3. Are you writing contents genuinely?

Well, if the answers are YES, then hooray. You are just prepared to Take your blog to the next level. But wait, did I went too fast? Oops! I just missed a point to ask.

Are you having any plan for your blog? Have you ever tried to ask yourself that “am I having any plans for my blog for surviving in blogging for next 5 or more years?”. As you might know that most of the bloggers just end their journey after 2-3 months yet some stay even for 6 months but after that. NO MORE.

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Just vanished. No impression nothing. When you/I may ask what happened. The same answer “I am not getting time to update my blog” or “I am not getting much ideas to write on”. Yes, it’s obvious that blogging is a long term game where you need more and more ideas refreshing in your mind so that you may be able to write always. I am not telling that I have always an brain storming ideas in my head. But still, I am surviving.

How To Get Brainstorming Ideas?

When it comes to optimize your blog, the first and the foremost thing which you might be thinking that “How to get fresh ideas daily” well isn’t it? So what are the tactics  to find some great and brain storming ideas for your blog? 
1. Spy Your Competitors: Spying on the competitors is really a great idea to find new ideas to write on. You can only choose the blogs which are related to your niche (i.e: blogging) and most important, check the blogs which you like to read may be daily, weekly or monthly. Check those blogs for new ideas.
2. Need Help? Just Google It: Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine throughout the world. A fascinating thing that really shocked me that Google approx serves around 2,000,000 searches per 2 seconds. Yes, you saw right. It’s 2 seconds. So you may be thinking that what is it. 
Well, the best idea is to Google the thing you need. Look for a keyword for which you are interested in writing. Type that and wait for 1 second, Google will automatically give some long tail keyword suggestion according to which you can write. 
3. Write Reviews: You might have seen some blogs reviewing products in their website. But have you wondered why they do? answers are many. Whenever you are not getting any idea by performing any thing then you could choose this point. 
Writing reviews not only gives you less efforts but also help you to earn some bulks of dollar. Well, you can either write a review for free else you can contact the company whom you want to review and smartly ask for some fees. It may be $50, $100, anything. Some Pro Bloggers even earn up-to $1,000 per review. 
4. Interview Someone in your blog: Interviewing other bloggers not only helps to be more friendly among each other but also helps you to drive quality and targeted traffic. Know any person who have an interesting story to share with? who usually get expose and speaks rarely in the public, then don’t miss the golden opportunity. Just straightly go to them/forward a message for an interview. 
5. Post Infographics: Infographics are one of the most trended fashion in the blogging world. Know why? Because it helps to visualize the content by showing complicated data and information in an image. No worries, if you aren’t a graphic designer then you can hire anyone. 
6. Write About Some Case Study: Case study are a collection of information which is written in order to give the readers an experience of your own journey with that particular thing you have faced. You may write about how you started blogging, how you faced the Google algorithms, etc. 
7. Share your income/traffic reports: Well, do you have a great income to impress your readers with? Then you can just share those. Though it’s offensive to share but who don’t want to look that how much one earns. Although if you don’t have much income then you could share your traffic report through a post. 
8. Create a list of something: People are quite lazy to check and discover something more and something interesting. Well, you can write some articles like TOP 10, TOP 5, etc. You may also write about some 101 points of something. 
9. Publish about the most active user in your blog: Are you using any kind of commenting system in your blog/site? Like Disqus, CommentLuv, or any default commenting system? then you can reward your most active user in a separate post and they would be really happy too. 
10. Ask people to Guest Post: Here comes the brilliant fact which I was waiting to share. Yes, it’s guest posting, the ideal way to make your blog Super Active. It’s like win-win situation to deal with. They post content to make their brand whereas you can be free.

How To Drive Traffic?

Now that I have told you some Top 10 secrets to great some brain storming ideas to write upon. Now let us learn about how to drive traffic to your blog. It’s really necessary to optimize your blog. So what’s next? 
1. Write Quality Posts: The first and the most important. A blog which have quality articles can only survive in the blogging world. So write more and more contents for your blog to win over the game. Quality articles not only help you to win but also helps to make you be called a Successful Blogger. 
2. Blog Commenting: The best and most viral technique to drive quality targeted traffic. Although you may have tried several times but not got approved. Do you know why? because those have no value. Give respect to the author by giving at-least thanks. Add value to your comment and smartly leave your website link over there. 
3. Participate in various forums: Participating I mean joining forms is a great way to drive a lot of traffic. Join the forums which is related to your blog niche so that peoples are interested to check your link. Not that you simply leave a link over there and no one see it. 
4. Write a 101 list: Writing an 101 list of something makes it look attractive. Know why? because it gives the readers a reason to check as they would think it would be really helpful to them. It would not only drive traffic but also help you to decrease your page bounce rate. 
5. Ping the search engines: Must think, but not always. Make sure to ping your blog to the search engines after every 3-4 days. So that they might be notified that a change has occurred in your blog. 
6. Start a contest: Who don’t want to get Paid stuffs for Free? Do you? Yes it is. If you have something that is rare and you think it’s really great then you could start a contest of it. It would spread tremendously through out the world. else, if you have any cash in your hand you can give it away too ;). 
7. Advertise your blog: Will charge you a little but helps to get a lot of targeted traffic for your blog. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, are famous one. 
8. Submit your blog posts in article directory: Want viral amount of traffic to your blog? then you could easily submit your blog in the article directories. It’s easy. 
9. Make Youtube Tutorials: Back in 2010, I was active in Youtube. It’s 4 years from now but still I receive heavy amount of traffic to my blog from Youtube. It’s really great. You must try it once. 
10. Promote on Social Medias: Social Media are having almost over 400,000,000,000 visitors per day (calculation of all social media). Might be even more. Among them Facebook serves around 2 billion activities everyday so you think how much it can drive traffic. Promote your blog in the Groups, Communities, Pages, and see the change. 

SEO Optimization

1. Header Meta Tags: It consists of Title tag, meta keyword, meta description and robot access. It’s the most important part of SEO.

2. Use Low Competitive Keywords: In order to stand in the huge crowd. What you need is Low competitive keywords and write post using those keywords so that you may receive maximum coverage.

3. Use Bold/Italics/Underline in the Keywords: Using such styles help to get much attention to those specific keywords not only for humans but also for the search engines. Use those to rank higher in the search engines.

4. Use Internal Links: Internal links are the links which consist in your site, such as your old posts etc. Using internal links helps the search engine bots/crawler to index more and more pages.

5. Use hyphens (-) in Permalinks: In order to make your blog links seo friendly, you need to use hyphens instead of underscore.

6. Use Good Navigation: It’s one of the most important factor of SEO. If possible use breadcrumbs navigation in your site which helps to pass link juice to another page of your site. Also use Related Post widget and also popular post widget. Make sure to properly settle up those Menu in the navigation.

7. Fix all broken links:  If you site consists of broken links/invalid pages (404 pages), then either fix it manually else Go to Webmaster Tools -> Crawl -> Crawl errors -> Fix it.

8. First 50 words of your article consists the main optimization: Make sure to add the main keyword followed by the secondary keyword in the first 50 words of your article. It’s important.

9. No-follow all external links: Passing juice to external websites is not good in the eyes of Google. So use no-follow tag in all the external links of your site.

10. Build high quality backlinks: It’s very important in order to rank higher in search engines. Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, etc are some extremely helpful tactics to build quality links.

How To Improve Domain Authority?

Domain authority abbreviate to DA is a ranking system from 0-100. It measures from the power of the domain name ( and a good estimate that how well a site will perform in the search engines. The higher the rank is the better it is. More DA = High Rank.

1. Build Quality Backlinks: The more links pointed to your site the better it is. Build more and more links from high authority and high PR sites to improve your domain authority.

2. Write more contents: Moz calculates the total Text ratio of your site and accordingly it gives ranking. Similarly if you write 2-3 contents of 1,000 words per week then it can make up over 100,000+ text ratio which is really good.

3. Interlinks: Same through, you have to either use any tool to do so else you can do manually. Search for the most appropriate words as the anchor link for interlinking. The stronger your interlinks is the better chances of improving your DA is there.

4. Be active in Social Media: In order to improve domain authority social signals are really necessary. Signals such as +1’s, Likes, Shares, Tweets are really necessary. So try to get as much as possible.

5. Give Freshness To Your Blog: Not that after 1-2 weeks you will publish an article. In order to improve domain authority what you need is freshness in your blog so that it may be active and trusted in the eyes of search engines.

6. Guest Posting: Domain – Authority. It means that authority of your domain. And in order to get higher rank you need to guest post on high authority sites so that you may receive more targeted traffic.

7. Use Infographics: As we know, Infographics help to visualize a content by showing complex information in a very great manner. Promote not only in your blog but also in social media. The more social you be the more traffic you will get, and the more traffic you get their is more chances of creating new backlinks and the more backlinks you would improve the authority.

How To Make Money Online

To make money online there 100’s of way, but unfortunately very few people are there to rule over it. Though I would not say that you would surely make money online in 1-2 days but if you use these strategies then I am sure that you would be able to earn over $10,000.
1. Freelancing:  Have any special talent that you can use to show the world and also make money online? Well, then there is a great opportunity for you. Guess what? Yes, it’s Freelancing. You could start with SEOClerks or Fiverr. 
2. Affiliate Marketing: Used by 90% of blogger to make over $1,000,000. Promoting a company’s product in your blog and when someone purchase from your source you would get paid.
3. Website Flipping: Website flipping is used to earn the 2 years income at a glance. Yes, you saw right. Steps: Create a niche site, develop and Flip it on Flippa.
4. Paid Reviews: Another great way to make money online. There are probably thousand of companies who are looking for advertisers for their product. Straight go/mail to them. And ask for a certain amount of fee. 
5. Social Media Services: Are you good in social media networking? i.e – Gaining Page likes, Twitter followers etc. Then use the talent and earn dollars.
6. Blog Consultancy: Consulting others and getting paid for it. Probably the most ideal way to earn money online. Yet, getting targeted buyer/client may be little difficult. But if you have good amount of visitor then it will be easy. 
7. Sell Products on Amazon:  Amazon is the world largest website to buy and sell online. Sell products such as e-books and make thousand of dollar. 
8. Make money with Craigslist: It’s a website where you have to buy products at cheap rates, sometime even for free and allows you to sell it in higher prices. 
9. Email List Marketing: Email your followers and fans about your site and smartly add the affiliate link there so that they get attracted towards it. It helps to make a lot of money.
10. Advertising: People earn thousand of dollar through online advertising. Use Adsense or any other PPC/CPC sites and earn money online. 

Optimize Your Blog For Readers!

Optimizing a blog for search engines for SEO is not that much hard, Yet. Optimizing blog for readers may be quite hard. Guess why? they are humans having emotion and feeling unlike those that of bots who can only feel the texts. So in order to optimize your blog for readers check the following points: 
1. Create an Creative and Attractive Design: Those that of the default template of either blogger or wordpress looks really odd. Though they might be good for search engines but it won’t for your readers. Hire a website designer for your blog to create the best design for your blog. 
2. Find a good color combination: Don’t be old school, everyone have their own choice. Might be the gamer’s want a stylish background with X-box appearing on it. You might have your own choice, may be Red, blue, green, orange, pink, etc. But see with the point of your readers. Know what they want. 
3. Improve your writing skills: If you aren’t much focusing on it then you would not be able to survive blogging for long. There are many who have habit of writing long articles but without leaving any spaces or link break. Looks really odd. Recheck your article once done. If possible look at it twice and see whether anything is missing or not. Give the best details of your knowledge and make them happy. 
4. Avoid making a mess: There are many blogger who in the intention to make look cool/creative just overload their blog with scripts and make the site load slower. This is extremely bad. Avoid this and make your design clean and neat. 
5. A Good Navigation: Having a proper and good navigation menu just beside the header is really encouraging for the readers to check what’s trended now. 
6. Post Often: Readers and Google too love those site which gets updated frequently. So try as much to write as possible. You might already have looked at some points to make a writing habit and to get some brainstorming ideas in this post itself. 
7. Create some spicy and unique story: People loves to check what’s new and what’s trended now a days. You could write some most coolest thing which you think your readers will love to check. Use Google Alerts, Twitter Trends to check those new updates.
8. Use Google URL Structure (Permalink): Good for SEO and too good for viewing. Sites which bad permalinks often look odd such as whereas it can look more neat and clean if it is  
9. Use Related Posts Widget: Using these kind of widgets in your blog can help you to make more deep linking with other post from your current article. And too it helps to give the readers chance to check more articles in your blog. 
10. Avoid Spelling Mistakes: Spelling mistakes are some major thing which you should keep in mind to avoid. Well, I am not telling that every article should be perfect. You can use some funny words in your article to make your article good and more creative. 

Time To Rock

So here ending my first 3000+ words count article…….! It was a great experience for me to research and write them here. 
What’s your experience about this article? Please spend at-least 60 second to write a feedback about this article. I would be really glad. 
Need HELP? Comment Below. I would give you a Super FAST SOLUTION. 

Peace and Happy Blogging :) 


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