Influential Bloggers of 2014 – Infographic

Blogging isn’t just writing articles over a boundary, perhaps it about inspiring! Blogging isn’t about making money but building authority. Blogging isn’t about being active over a blog, but being attentive in reader’s mind. Truly said, obviously it’s by me :). Bloggers who blog aren’t just a simply mathematician who actually calculates ...Read More

SEO in 2015 Can Negatively Impact Your Blog If…

NO I won’t be starting, at-least this time with those pretty boring introduction of Search Engine Optimization (SEO in short). Meanwhile if you aren’t aware of SEO Optimization, then you can read – What is SEO. Obvious with no doubt it’s 2014 (No I’ve not gone mad), but just a fragment of ...Read More

Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?

Certainly, the other part of Blogging is Writing. Content is the King over here perhaps Quality is the backbone of it. However, there are few silly mistakes which make you nob and it seems that you haven’t encountered them. ¬†You can be a good writer or probably the ideal writer, but you ...Read More

YouTube CPA – 30 Minutes To Triple Your Earning

Yuppie! I just found a new source of earning or to say a strategy to 3x my income through videos. HOW? Well, aren’t you quite frustrated and willing to know about it pretty fast? Okay okay, I won’t be keeping you with much suspense by-the-way! It’s Youtube CPA. Interesting topic right? Seems ...Read More

How to Conquer Writer’s Block – The Ultimate Guide

Your blood is passing by through your veins, however writer’s blog is a state when your creative bone on your hand is no more in the state of writing any creative articles…..!   It happens to almost all the bloggers and writers as because in blogging industry you need come up with ...Read More

No Readers? Read This To Engage Your Audience

You want your readers to actually get through your blog, and ideally even read your blog comments, and that is what this article is going to help you to do. However, it is not always the best idea to have people read through your blog comments.   For example, if you have ...Read More